How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Episode 1

The Locket – September 23, 2013

*spoiler alert*

How I Met Your Mother just return with a new and last season yesterday! And finally we get to see some more of The Mother.

Remember last season when it finished with Marshall getting a call for a job in NY? Well… he accepted it :O BUT he didn’t told Lilly yet… Bravo Marshall XD

And remember when Marshall’s mom posted a lot of insulting pictures on internet with their son and Lilly hates it? Well… she posted another one and it’s with the news that Lilly didn’t know yet… Uh Oh!!


He was on the plane to Robin and Barney’s wedding when he received that pictures in his notifications. It means that… Lilly got the notifications too! He tried to tell his mother to took it out but she just can’t. It’s was hilarious hahahaha because in the meantime, he annoys the people around him with it XD The woman just gave him big attidude daaaamn 😛himym-s09e01_01

Finally, it’s the baby that got the picture deleted by pressing some random key… Lol yay baby!himym-s09e01_02

In the meantime, there’s Barney and Robin talking about which one of their family will probably ruins their moments. I love when they showed us a flashback of Barney’s brother (Wayne Brady) performing and wearing a half half costume hahaha XDD (see the pictures following this one). After a few conversations, they realized that they might have the same cousin … meaning that they may be… related!! EWWWWW!

But nah false alarm… the guy was adopted… phewww. You got us there!himym-s09e01_03

Lol James (barney’s brother)himym-s09e01_04

Finally someone met the mother for the first time and it was Lilly!!! She seems so naive and so… Ted-ish! Don’t you think? I like their scenes though. It was cute! All the secrets, and telling, and huging.. Awwnn :)himym-s09e01_05

Remember in the past when Ted wants to find Robin’s lucky necklace back and thinks that he will get her back with that? Well… He did dig a lot to see where it went. We don’t know if he has it on him, but I do have a bad feelings about that. BUT at least we know that The Mother is not Robin and she won’t get back to him. Ouf…

I love the way Lilly attacked Ted thinking that he would give Robin the jewelry hahahahaha! It was intense

In the end, when he saw Robin, he gave her something else. And it was one of their first crew pictures, 8 years ago.himym-s09e01_06

What do you think about this first episode of the last season? Did you like it? What do you think of The Mother?

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