How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Episode 4

The Broken Code – October 7th, 2013

*spoiler alert*

”OH CRAP!” This is what I said at the end of the previous episode and this is also what I said at the beginning of this week episode. When Ted dropped the 600$ bottle of scotch, my heart stops a little.


Here are my favorite moments of the show:

So Marshall didn’t make it to where the gang is yet. Lilly just made a new Marshpillow 2.0 while waiting for him. — So creepy :/HIMYM-s09e04_03


What I really liked about this episode is that we get to see old friends like Barney’s personal tailor, Tim Gunn (playing himself) that has appeared in season 5 episode 12, William Zabka the ”real” karate kid and Ranjit.HIMYM-s09e04_02

Barney bring back the Bro Code!HIMYM-s09e04_08
He also bring out some historical references like Christopher Brolumbus and Broise.


The bromance between Ted and Barney is never off even when they are mad at each other. And Marshall get to exercise his job on his friends to solve the issue.HIMYM-s09e04_07

And a real bro swears on the Bro Code.HIMYM-s09e04_01


And finally, by the end of the episode, there’s always something that get us to watch the next episode. Will William Zabka hurt Ted like he hurt Daniel-san in the tournament?


How about you? What did you like about this episode?

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