How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Episode 23-24

Last Forever – March 31st, 2014

*spoiler alert*

Monday was the last Monday that we got to see a new episode of How I met your mother. Every time a show end, this is how I feel …


But this is different. HIMYM led us to the very end on how Ted met the Mother. The love of his life. After nine years we waited for THAT moment. We got it and it was beautiful.

Marshall will become the next supreme fudge…. I mean judge. Lilly got pregnant again. Barney met the love of his life, his daughter (It was meant to happen one day, don’t deny it). Robin is traveling around the world as a news reporter, her dream came true. And Ted Mosby met the love of his life who has the same initial then him (T.M.), Tracy McConnell. He married her and had two children who he’s telling the most romantic and the LONGEST love story about how he met their mother.

BUT they stole that happiness away. They stole our perfect ending by killing the Mother (still crying inside).. and Ted end up still having a crush on his first love from season one, Robin. Even after all his adventure, all the sacrifice he did, it led to an end that most of the fan didn’t expect to see. For nine seasons, this whole love story was a story about asking out aunt Robin.

Here are some fan tweets:


I did love the one hour finale but the last 3 minutes when Ted ”asked” permission to date Robin to his kid was too much.

This is how it should have ended:

Nevertheless, this was a terrific show and it was a good 9 years. Thank you How i met your mother, you will be missed…. except of course for the last 3 minutes of the series.


OH! one more thing. I only got one last question for this entire show…. WHERE THE F*CK DID THE PINEAPPLE COME FROM!!??HIMYM_finale_4

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