FINALLY! A (maybenew superhero TV show! But not any superhero! It’s the only human faster than Superman: FLASH! Don’t forget that in the early 90′s, Warner Brothers made a show named The Flash but it didn’t really work. They cancelled it after one season. But NOW, with new technology and amazing writers maybe they will be able to live up to the name.

What has been said is Barry Allen (Flash) will be introduced in the second season of Arrow to open up the world to DC universe. He will appear in episode 8, 9 and 20. However, only episode 20 will (well… may) introduce the world of Flash. The first time we will see Barry is in Starling City (Oliver Queen’s city). The writers hope that it will be good enough to lead to a Flash spin-off. Let’s cross our fingers! I can’t wait to see how superpowers will be introduced in Arrow’s world.

Here is what the producer Andrew Kreisberg of Arrow has to say about it:

It really started with Greg Berlanti.  The Flash was his favorite character, as a kid, growing up, and he’s obviously been a strong personal favorite of both Geoff [Johns] and mine.  So, when Greg approached us, one day, and said, “Hey, what would you think, if we did The Flash as a spin-off?,” all of us lit up.  Despite the fact that he’s got superpowers, I think there’s something relatable about Barry, of the big seven of The Justice League.  He got his powers by accident.  He isn’t a God.  He isn’t an alien.  He wasn’t seeking this out.  It came to him.  And his reactions to that feel very human and grounded.  I know that’s a word we use a lot on Arrow, but that’s how it really feels.  Oliver Queen is a very dark and tortured soul, and Barry is not.  I think it will be fun to see these two characters together because they both have distinctly different world views while both caring very deeply about right and wrong. [Source]

This is what the tv show looked like in the 90′s

Doesn’t the music make you think of Batman: The Animated Series?

We still don’t know who will play Barry Allen/Flash yet BUT don’t miss the second season of Arrow that will premiere on October 9th on The CW.

Who do you think could be a great Flash?

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