Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Season 1 Episode 1

Pilot – September 24, 2013

*spoiler alert*

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD premiere yesterday and woah! What a good pilot! (In my opinion)

For me, I see Marvel like a bit cliché and cocky and I LOVE that from them. We can find those aspect in the show. The soundtrack really reflects this universe too. It was well orchestred.


I was so happy to see Agent Hill (Cobie Smulders)! Fierce woman :)MarvelsAgentsofSHIELDS01E01_02

This scene just made me laugh so much. When Coulson appears for the first time and from a dark corner. He just said that he couldn’t resist to come out from there, it made it just more dramatic hahaha. Love Coulson <3MarvelsAgentsofSHIELDS01E01_03

I love this girl too already! Really sneaky and smart!MarvelsAgentsofSHIELDS01E01_04

It’s little details like that, that makes me just love every moments of the show. It’s the scene where Coulson and Agent Ward came to surprise Skye in her van hahahaha!MarvelsAgentsofSHIELDS01E01_05

The centipede! The centipede! I was surprise to know that he doesn’t get the powers from himself when he was born but he got it after. Good suprise though :)MarvelsAgentsofSHIELDS01E01_06

I love the technology they use in the show. It’s seems so realistic and awesome! Doesn’t it? Anyways I would loooove to play with it.MarvelsAgentsofSHIELDS01E01_07 MarvelsAgentsofSHIELDS01E01_08

The “end” of the show was really well done IMO. Like you see all the people in close up, like they have accomplished a mission, and being proud of it. It was an emotional one. Good job Agents!!MarvelsAgentsofSHIELDS01E01_09 MarvelsAgentsofSHIELDS01E01_10 MarvelsAgentsofSHIELDS01E01_11 MarvelsAgentsofSHIELDS01E01_12 MarvelsAgentsofSHIELDS01E01_13

AND WTF Lola can fly!?MarvelsAgentsofSHIELDS01E01_14

So this is what I thought about it!

How about you? Did you like it as I did? What did you like or not like?

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