Monopoly The Walking Dead Survival Edition

Fans of The Walking Dead are pleased with all products from this franchise. From book, to toys, to games to the TV! Yes, I have them all…almost….

I just found out that Monopoly released a version of it with many iconic moments from the comic book. It is PRET-TY awesome!

The ‘Survival Edition’ follows classic Monopoly rules, but players have to ‘fortify’ their properties to stay alive. The zombie art on the game board is based on Robert Kirkman’s original comic, and each set comes with six metal totems: Katana, Rick’s Hat, RV, Lucille (Negan’s Baseball Bat), Telephone, and Bucket of Body Parts.


Players can luck out with ‘Scavenge’ (Chance) and ‘Supply Chest’ (Community Chest) cards, and build ‘Walls’ (Houses) and ‘Guard Towers’ (Hotels) on their property. [Source]

twd-monopoly-01 twd-monopoly-02 twd-monopoly-03

Do you recognize where are all these items come from? Remember Lucille? :O



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