Moon Animate Make-Up!

Hey fellow A readers, it’s been a while I wrote something huh? Well anyways, i’m here to talk to you about this project that went on between several artist on Tumblr called “Moon Animate Make-Up!“. What is it? Basically a bunch of artist participated in this small fun project and each was assigned to animate a shot from an episode of Sailor moon.

It all started on this page on tumblr ( http://moonanimate.tumblr.com/ ), where they picked out an episode of the original english dub of Sailor moon and decided to re-animated in their own style. It’s funny,clever and flat out impressive how so many came together to put this together. I’m proud to be part of this fandom and even if you’re not a fan of the show, you should definitely check it out, these artist put a lot of hard into making it! So without further a do, here’s the episode!! Enjoy!!

So if you love animating and you love sailor moon, hopefully they’ll do this again and maybe you can participate! Anyways, that’s my time. So as always please leave a negative or positive comment down bellow. Also don’t forget to follow us on facebooktwitter and instagram.

Till next time, this is Jessica sighing out!


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