[ Camm ] I have to start and say that I wasn’t expecting anything from that movie. I love Iron Man, looove Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, but Iron Man 2 disappointed me a lot. So after watching the trailer, I was sure it would be mediocre. But I was wrong. Oh yes, I was. This movie was so great! Not as good as the first Iron Man, but super close. I really did enjoyed it from the beginning to the end !

[ Jess ] I agree, I enjoyed the movie a lot but sadly not as much as I would of loved. Personally, I loved the 2nd one, it wasn’t as bad as people say it was. Like as a fan, I enjoyed all 3 movies and RDJ never let me down, his performance as Tony Stark is just ARRRRGGGG. [ Camm ] The movie did surprised me with all the twist and turn it took. You’re sure that something is going to happen and BOOM, you were wrong. I like not knowing what would happen next (unluckly, i think that all superhero movie *cough* mainly Marvel, not DC *cough* are really predictable), and this movie gave me great surprise.

[ Jess ] Yeah that is very true, most Marvel movies are well…..very very predictable… BUT with that said that doesn’t mean you should pass out on this movie. It’s an excellent addition to the Marvel universe. [ Camm ] For sure, it is a happy ending, what do you expect? It’s Marvel man…

[ Jess ] Well…”Happy” ending, i wouldn’t really call it that ’cause, well, i don’t want to spoil it but meh… the ending wasn’t super.


[ Camm ] War machine is way cooler than Iron patriot, but the costume is amazing.


[ Jess ] I personally find that addition of Iron patriot stupid, they should of kept the old colours and the old name. Iron patriot is a whole different character in the comics, originally created by Norman Osborn aka the Green Goblin but wtv I don’t know what they where going for really. But the costume was still kick ass no doubt about that. [ Camm ] Don’t forget to stay ’til the end, just like all the Marvel movies !

Camm’s rating: 8 Iron suits out of 10 !

Jess’ rating: 8 limited edition dora the explorer watches out of 10

PS. Pepperony is my OTP <3


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