My Comiccon 2013 Experience by Camm

Oh hello Internet! As you may have notice, last weekend (September 13th, 14th and 15th) was Montreal Comiccon! I was there for the 3 days and I was helping a store booth. Here is my weekend’s experience, hope you enjoy it!!

First of all, I always like Friday night at the Montreal Comiccon. It is a bit less packed with people. I’m not a huge fan of crowds, so yeah… Anyways! I was working for La boîte à Bd de Laval, and it was funny, because I didn’t really knew the stock, so I was completely lost… But you should go check them out, they’re really cool guys and the shop is really great!! I didn’t really had time to go shop since I was working, so the only thing I bought was my ticket to a picture with Sean Astin (yes, Sam from Lord of the rings !). That is pretty much it for my friday! Oh, and my friend took my money to buy me the best character ever in Star Wars:
So yeah, C-3P0 is my favorite character in Star Wars… Got a problem with that?!!

Saturday was a pretty busy day! I was dress as Marty Mcfly, because Christopher Lloyd was there! I don’t have any pictures of my costume, and only 3 person knew who I was… That is kinda sad… So I was working, but at the same time I was dying to shop… That is a big problem when you have to work for a booth!! All my respect to all the shops and artists at their booth, it is a long and painful weekend.

At 1:45 pm, I had my picture with the amazing Sean Astin with my sister ! I went to shop a little bit at 1pm and at 1:30, me, my sister, my friend and her sister went to wait for our picture. I was super stressed out because first, I didn’t really know what to tell him and second, I was dress in Marty Mcfly, the most 80’s costume out there (I litterally had a Canadian suit with a orange jacket on top…). But anyway, when I got to him, we took our picture (which I’m not happy about it because I was too excited and I’m smiling way too much!) and I hugged him. I hugged Sean Astin. MY LIFE IS COMPLETE. AND HE SCREAMED “MARRRTYYY” IN MY EAR AT THE SAME TIME. FREAKING SEAN ASTIN UNDERSTOOD MY COSTUME!
It is not my best picture ever, but I’m still happy about it !

That is pretty much it for my Saturday, I let you a pretty funny picture of me and the Tardis:
Jess will agree with me if I say that I’m a special kid…

Sunday was my best day! I woke up late (oups…) and dressed up as a “Lady Ghostbusters”. I got there at like 10:30, went to see Geneviève FT, because she’s an amazing lady. And I also got myself a The World’s End poster (it is big and lovely~). I went to work, and around 3:30 pm, I went shopping with Jess, Clau and Stef ~ (I love you ladies.)! I bought only one thing of Doctor Who, and I’m proud of myself! It’s a little figurine of a Weeping Angel. I bought a print of Sherlock and Watson, because yay for Benedict and Martin, from Josh Adams (can’t find and 2 great necklaces (where we got a new friend, a little baby who really liked us !)), but I can’t remember the name of their art because they didn’t had cards anymore. And I took a picture with the 10th Doctor and Rose Tyler (the guy is simply amazing, he had a british accent~) and I took a picture with the Ghostbusters Montreal with one of their pack on my back, it was amazing ! (I’m not going to post the picture, it is in Clau article already!)
I have a weird position..

So that is pretty much it for my Montreal Comiccon experience! I had a lot of fun! I won’t be able to be in a booth again, just because I love this convention so much, I think it is sad to not being able to go visit, see the cosplays, the shops and go to panels. But it still was a great experience and it was great !

I know it was a bit long, but I had so much to say! I hope you liked it and you’ll share it on facebook and like our page! Don’t forget our Twitter and Instagram, we have pictures of the Comiccon there too! (And an other Marty Mcfly picture… Yes it is me… I’m sorry that my friends from A for Anything take pictures of me…)

So, Camm is out !

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  1. September 23, 2013 at 5:53 PM maude

    J’ai vraiment rie quand tu expliques ton moment avec sean austin! hahahaha

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