My Comiccon 2013 Experience by Clau

Montreal Comiccon 2013 happened last weekend on September 13-15, 2013. I hope you were there like all of us ๐Ÿ˜‰

If not… Well don’t worry! I have pictures and a review for you! Keep reading, keep reading :)

Just to keep you on track, I was only there Friday night, Saturday from 5PM until the end and all day Sunday. Let’s say that I missed a lot of good stuffs on Saturday during the day because I had school :( booooo

However, on the days that I was able to be there, I found this edition – kind of – successful. Meaning that they stepped up from last year’s (celebrities, panels, organisation) but they seem like they are in transition to something bigger. It’s like an in between. And well, I really had fun! It was entertaining!

When they announced the guests list, they had some really big names, including actors from Star Wars and The Walking Dead. BUT it’s not their fault that a lot of them cancelled at the last minute. They still got Jason Momoa, Manu Bennet and Christopher Lloyd, just to name a few.

In terms of panels, I only went to the Mass Effect and Manu Bennett ones.

The panel for Mass Effect Omega was very interesting, even though I haven’t played ME3 yet (I’m still at the beginning of ME2 XD). There were people that work on the game talking about it. It was inspiring and educational.


As for Manu Bennett‘s panel, I was there only because I knew him from Arrow as Slade Wilson. Damn, he was so intimidating haha. The guy is big, dude… and he talks with a very low tone. A bit monotone, even though what he was saying was interesting. But questions were only (mostly) about Spartacus (he played Crixus) which I didn’t watch, so it was difficult for me to focus on what he was saying.

montrealcomiccon2013_47.jpg montrealcomiccon2013_48.jpg

On the other hand, in terms of exhibitors and artists, it’s always the best part in my opinion. I love discovering new artists (in the artist alley), seeing new games, buying a lot of useless toys… yeah that’s about it ๐Ÿ˜›

Speaking of buying toys, I am a new fan of Pop Figure. I think that I already own 28 Pop toys. Damn…. XD At Comiccon, I bought Rick with a hat (from The Walking Dead) and Dumbo (from Disney) to add to my collection.

pop_dumbo pop_rick

And last but not the least, cosplays! It is extremely fun to see people dressed as your favorite characters! Seeing how people worked hard on their costumes is very inspiring. The Mascarade this year was awesome and well animated :)

montrealcomiccon2013_45.jpg montrealcomiccon2013_43.jpg montrealcomiccon2013_42.jpg

Voilร ! That was my weekend at Montreal Comiccon 2013! If you came, I hope you had as much fun as I did :) DID YOU??!!

PS : I randomly met, in the exhibitors room, Tim Rozon!! Woohooo I was so fangirling!!!! <3


And here’s a bunch of pics I took from this event, enjoy !

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