My Comiccon 2013 Experience by Jess

Hello internet! Today I’d like to talk to y’all about my little visit to our local convention! Montreal Comiccon happens every year right before summer ends. So what better way to end summer than enjoy a little bit of nerdiness. Am i right?

Let’s start off with how awesome this convention is getting! As the years go by, more and more people come to join us and the more people come the more funding and with more funding, we get awesome new celebrities!

I don’t want to brag or anything, but yes I did in fact meet the original green ranger aka Tommy aka Jason David Frank! Let me tell you, his voice has not changed, of course with time anyone ages but if you close your eyes, you’re still hearing the same teenager with attitude you saw on tv back in the 90s.


I did a little bit a shopping while there, since my pockets weren’t as full due to our little trip to Toronto Fan Expo the month before, I only bought 3 things.

– 2 pop figurines: Our beloved king of the north Robb Stark and the hated yet loved king slayer Jaime Lannister from Game of thrones! That makes 4 game of thrones figurines I’ve collected, I’ve got a long way to go before I’ve got them all!


– 3rd thing I got was really a no brainer for me, since it’s villains month all month long, I’ve been buying the special 3D covers. I’m mainly interested in the batman franchise and, to my luck, a booth had the missing 3D cover I needed and for an awesome price!


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This is your girl Jessica signing off and till next time!

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