My Comiccon 2013 Experience by Stef

Hey everyone!

As you’ve already heard from Clau and Jess (yes pretty much all the A crew went), Montreal Comiccon was last weekend (September 13th to 15th). So here is what I thought about it.

Unlike Clau and Jess, I personally managed to go all three days, but I have to admit that I wasn’t as impress by it this year as I was last year. That complete have to do with the guests stars though as the bigger names were actors from shows that I didn’t watch. I am very much aware of how awesome it is that they managed to get most of the cast from Battlestar Galatica, Gillian Anderson and Christopher Lloyd however. And I completely forgot that Jason Momoa was there so I missed his conference (he was a last addition ok? Pretty bummed I missed it).


However, there was something that I really liked this year and it was the video game area. This was a new addition this year, and you really couldn’t miss the PS4 booth. I personally didn’t get to try out the PS4 because the line was always huge and I had a lot of other stuff to see. However, I did get to play Batman: Arkham Origins and it was awesome! The controls felt exactly like the previous games in the series so it was easy to pick up the game and just enjoy the new environments. Speaking of this game, I also went to the Cinematics in Batman: Arkham Origins panel and it was pretty fun to see how a complete cinematic is made.


In terms of panels, I mostly went to the video games panels (there was also two others about Mass Effect!) and the Manu Bennett one. I also attended the Where Are The Queer Superheros? panel and it was pretty fun. I absolutely had no idea how much gay characters DC comics removed from the current storylines since they rebooted everything with the New 52. (I’m still mad about Renee Montoya, DC! She better come back soon!)


Oh and I finally found and bought all the Gotham Central comics while being there! I know what I’ll be reading in the following weeks!


Anyways, this is it about my Montreal Comiccon experience. Do any of you go too? What did you like or didn’t like? Let me know in the comments!

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