Hey guys, how’s it going? Well as you all know me and a couple of the crew members went to Toronto to attend Fan Expo. Where do I start? It was awesome!!! So many cosplayers, awesome celebrities, talented artist, etc. The list can go on, but I’m just going to talk about the 3 main things I liked and did not like about this year Fan Expo.


Things i liked:

1. Schedule

What I enjoyed a lot was that they respected the time. Maybe not the celebrities with their autographs session but let’s face it, the celebs will never be there on time but that’s ok cause us, fans, totally understand that they are busy. What I meant about the schedule was for the panels, if the panel was at 2 pm it would latest start at 2:15 pm.

2. Free stuffs

Ok who doesn’t like free stuffs right? Best part was that most of the free things weren’t just small flyers or stickers, oh no. A good example of the awesome free stuffs they were giving away was at the Xbox booth. If you would take a picture and share it on Facebook, you’d get 3 months free of Xbox Live! I mean how cool is that, that’s a 25$ value for free!

3. Stephen Amell


Call me a fangirl, I don’t care! The dude was awesome. Sadly enough I could not take a picture with him ’cause his manager or whatever that guy was that was next to him told him he can’t. BOOOOOOOO. But back to why I love him, the guy is super down to earth and you can see that he adores his fans. Best part was that at his panel, I got the chance to ask a question and he answered it!! WOOOOOOT!!


Now for the things i hated:

1. The lines

I know I know, there will always be lines at conventions. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t the waiting that bothered me, oh no. It was he poorly organizing that got me mad. One minute you’re in the right line, in front, you’ve waited for almost an hour and a half and you’re about to see you favorite tv star in a panel, next thing you know the line get’s turned and you’re in the very back! WHAT THE FUUUUUUUUUU……But seriously fix the damn line organization please.

2. The positioning of the booths


Now it was my first time at Fan Expo, so I did not know what to expect. One thing that really got my gears to grind was that oh you wanna go buy something ok get ready for a good 15 minutes walk to the south building, but don’t forget your panel is on in about 30 minutes and thats on the north building so that leaves your about 10-15 minutes to get things done. After 4 days of just doing that, my poor feet couldn’t handle it anymore.

3. The security

Oh boy do i have something to say about these guys. Yes I understand, there is about X amount of people in the building and it’s hard to keep track of each and everyone of them but holy damn. One morning (i think it was day 3) while we were all waiting for the expo to open, we were waiting in line like we always did in the previous days. Some security guy comes to us and tells everyone who’s been there in line for almost 2 hours, that this line was for premium and VIP only. So people rush to the other line and guess what turns out the guy wasn’t even a security guard for Fan Expo, he worked for the convention center but he had no place to be there. Apparently he did the exact same things at The Walking Dead panel. So much of a good communication out there :/

There you have it, my favorite and least favorite things of Fan Expo! If you enjoyed this article please don’t forget to like us on Facebook and on Instagram!

Will i be going again next year? I just might, depending on who’s gonna be there! Anyways ’til next time!!

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