Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 1

The Heart of the Truest Believer – September 29, 2013

*spoiler alert*

Hi guys! So, last Sunday was FINALLY the premiere of ONCE UPON A TIME!!!

In season 2, magic was back in Storybrook and…it was a real mess! In the final episode, Henry was captured by Tamara and Greg and was brought to Neverland. Hell yeah, a new world! So…the grandparents, the moms and the pirate team-up, even if they don’t really all love each other, and go to find him. Now ,I know you’re going to ask “where’s his dad??”. Well, if you remember the last episode, he fell into a huge portal and he could be anywhere by now…

Ok, enough talking about last season, now it’s time for the season 3 premiere!

Family Fishing Trip


The episode starts with Emma giving birth to Henry. She doesn’t want him. She doesn’t even look at him. Then, we return to the present day and we see her, Rumple, Regina, Snow and Charming on Hook’s boat arriving from this huge portal to finally end up in Neverland. We can see that, now, Emma wants her son back more than anything in the world!

Back to them, Regina says to Hook: “He said that I’m a villain and that villains don’t get happy endings. Do you believe that? Anything she says is awesome! (Shut up you! She’s my favourite ok? Deal with it!) Hook answers that he hopes not, because, if it’s true, they wasted their life. It’s sad, but true. Meanwhile, Snow and Charming play mommy and daddy with Emma, but it’s not really going well. Emma is thinking about all of this and she regrets getting their memories back. They are top optimistic about everything. I think it’s true. Dude! Calm down! Everything is not that pretty and happy, people died, you know! She just wants Henry back. And then, Rumple comes out of nowhere (like always) and says that he’s going to be the ONE to get Henry back. Ok, if you want grandpa!


So, while Emma’s doing exercises for ‘’getting ready for a fight’’, Hook gives her Neal’s sword. Sweet moment…OMG love triangle for season 3? We’ll see! Then suddenly: MERMAIDS!!!!!!!!!!! Yes! MERMAIDS! Giant bitch fish attack them and Emma decides to go fishing. Regina, tired of everybody, uses magic (ABOUT TIME!) to scare the mermaids and magically brings one on the boat. A storm is now coming.


The gang fight about how to get the mermaid to talk . There’s the good way and…the Regina way (the better one haha). So, they fight about it and Regina uses magic. The mermaid’s now made of wood! HOLY SHIT THE STORM IS NOW BIGGER!!! GIANT WAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Snow and Regina are screaming at each other!


Snow: Undo your spell! Bring back the mermaid!

Regina: And what? You win her over with your rainbow kisses and unicorn stickers!?

AND BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SNOW PUNCHES REGINA IN THE FACE!!!!!! EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The storm’s getting bigger and bigger! Regina punches her back! Charming and Hook are now fighting too! Emma is trying to stir the boat! She realizes that the more they fight, the more the storm get bigger! THEY ARE THE STORM! She’s trying to say something, but they don’t even listen to her. She decides to jump in the water, to get their attention. It’s working. They stop fighting and go save Emma. And that’s the part that I was like…well…WHY DOESN’T REGINA USE MAGIC TO SAVE HER??? She used it to get the mermaid on the boat! Anyways, the storm stops.

Meanwhile, we see Rumple talking with a Lost Boy. What a ”not” surprise! Rumple is not that good… really!? But, I don’t really like him so, I’ll just skip this part and say that the boy gave him a toy and Rumple cries. ‘’There’s something he wanted you to have…’’ Who’s the ‘’he’’???


Landing on the island, Emma talks with the gang. She asks them to be Facebook friends. No, just friends, no, in fact, she just wants them to work as a team and to respect each other. They have to be who they are to get Henry back! Use their skills and for Emma, MOMMY SKILLS!

Welcome Back            


Neal is lying down. He opens his eyes and see Mulan, Sleeping Beauty and Prince Philips. I’m really happy to see them again! Where are they? Damn! Not in Neverland. They are in the Enchanted Forest! While talking, they all realize they know Snow, Emma and Henry. Aurora’s trying to contact them with her dreams, but doesn’t working.



Mulan and Neal decide to go at the Dark One’s old house. While getting there, they talk about movies (“What’s a movie???” Oh you Mulan!) and love. I felt like Mulan once had a tragic love story. (Calm down…I’m not saying it’s with Aurora…) I want to know more about her!


At the house, it seems like someone’s already there. They find themselves, face to face with Robin Hood, but after Neal says that Rumple is his father, Hood lets them in. Maybe a new character in the gang?


Neal finds a magic object belonging to Rumple. He looks inside a magic crystal ball and sees Emma. He finally realizes that she’s in Neverland. Oh nooooooo! Not there!

Henry, the Two Dumbasses and Those Creepy Lost Kids.


BOOM! Henry comes out of the portal and hits the ground. Tamara and Greg (the dumbasses) are SO happy to finally be there. ‘’Mission accomplish’’ she says. Henry’s not that sure about that! Both of his moms’ going to get here soon and save him. Tamara and Greg want to destroy Neverland, because it’s the mother land of magic, but those dumbasses didn’t even think about how to get back home after that…stupid people.


They’re walking down the forest and I don’t even know where they are going. I’m sure they don’t either. Suddenly a bunch of creepy kids come out. ’We are the home office.’’ the leader says. Tamara is like: ‘’WHUT?? Our boss is a group of teenage boys???’’  Yo! You’re ‘’talking’’ about destroying magic with a guy that you’ve never seen…don’t be surprised bitch! So the Lost Boys want Henry, but Greg don’t want them to get him…and then…BOOM! A flying shadow arrives (Out of nowhere…you know Rumple’s style)and take the shadow/soul out of Greg! SURPRISE MOTHERF***ER! He’s FINALLY dead!


Tamara escapes with Henry, but she gets hit by a “slow-motion” arrow! Oh…I’m so crying, I don’t want her to die…SO NOT TRUE! I just don’t care about her! Anyways, Rumple kills her later by crushing her heart! To easy!


Henry, while running, gets help from a ‘’good’’ lost boy with a British accent. Yes, I think about the same thing: He’s SO not good and he’s the real Peter Pan… we’ll see. But I know we are right! They use the fairy dust to jump over a cliff and fly away! (You can fly, you can fly, you can fly!! – What’ up Disney reference!)


Arriving at the hidding place, the ‘’good’’ lost boy suddenly seems to be not that good. BAM! We were SO right he’s Peter Pan! OMG! Lost boys circle Henry and… ending credits. 


I really really loved this episode, specially the fight in the boat! It was funny, it had action, suspense, new characters, etc. Can’t wait for the next episode and I hope we can see what’s happening in Storybrook with Belle!

”Second star to the right, and straight on till morning!”


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