Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 5

Good Form – October 27th, 2013

*spoiler alert*

The Jones Brother     


We can finally see Hook’s past! Yeah, like pretty much everybody on the show already… Our pirate was not always a bad guy. He had a brother. I like to see Hook more vulnerable and the way he’s looking at his older brother…like he’s a hero. He can do anything for him.


So the brothers fly to Neverland and I don’t know why…but Captain Jones just killed himself. Oh you boys with your pride… ahhh See that! Ok Hook gave him the ‘’magical saving life water’’ but magic always come with a price and his brother died


And that’s how our great captain becomes a pirate. Vengeance is always there for good people…But I prefer a badass Hook over a good Captain!




David and Hook are always fighting. Are you here for us or for Emma? Maybe just for you! But we can see that David’s poison is really not getting better. I don’t want him to die!! NO! Of course, I knew that Hook was planning to save David when he climbed up the mountain.


I’m getting a little tired of Pan’s game. Nothing is concrete. It’s cool, but…I can’t wait to see someone (and I hope it’s Emma) punching him in the face. So, he’s trying to make a new deal with Hook. But you know, since he’s a pirate, he wasn’t scared of a kid.


‘’Once you drink this water, you can never leave Neverland…’’ –Says Hook to Charming while holding the bottle. David is a real knight…he’ll do whatever it takes to save his family. HE’S NOT DYING ANYMORE! Happy me! So David…How you doin’? (What’ up FRIENDS reference!) We’ll see after, what is going to happen when he’ll try to return to Storybrook


Family First


You just need to believe Henry.’’ Says Pan. And BOOM.. Henry have now in hand a real sword. I’m afraid that he’s becoming a real Lost Boy. Emma and the gang are tired…they argue about nothing and everything. How to save their son, who have the better idea or are we gonna stick to Pan’s rules or not?


Hook is trying to bond with the gang and especially Emma. I love him, gang! Let him be your friend, please! Also, he’s hot…so…what are you waiting for?


While Hook and David are away…the girls captured a Lost Boy and…it was AWESOME! Regina and Emma together as a team is always cool to see…and I have to admit that, seeing Snow with them too! Even if she wasn’t agreeing with them, Snow sees that sometimes, magic can be useful to help.


Regina, Snow and Emma successfully reached Henry with the help of a magic mirror and the heart of a Lost Boy. We can see that Henry is still with us. I have hope! And I love that Regina just not says ‘’I love you’’…but she says ‘’We love you’’. She’s accepts our family. Cute!


When David and Hook finally returned to the girls, Charming can’t hold himself and can’t stop kissing Mary Margaret…

Snow: I’m not complaining…but what was that…

– Emma: Ok, I’m complaining.

– Regina: What I wouldn’t give for another sleeping curse…

Sooo Funny Hahah LOVE IT!


Then, David says to the gang that Hook saved his life. Everybody drinks…except The Queen herself: ‘’I don’t do rhum’’…What a fun sponge! AND…BOOM!!!! YEAHH!!!! EXPLOSION OF JOY! Emma and Hook FINALLY kiss! HOT HOT HOT KISS! BUT CRAP! Like always…Pan’s there…and stopped the party. Neil is alive…poor Hook. I love him, but for a couple…I think I’m team Neil..no, team Hook…no…Neil…Hook…AH! I don’t know! The pirate or the father?


The end was pretty AWESOME! Neil is in this cage…with…someone else…who could it be?? Rumple? Nah…WHO? The next episode is about Ariel…so maybe her?  


I really enjoy this episode! It was funny, dramatic and badass at the same time. Many things happened! We didn’t saw Rumple…It makes me happy! Can’t wait to see the next episode. Who’s in the other box? I want to see more of Robin Hood and Mulan and we’re going to meet a new character: ARIEL!

‘’Kid, it’s operation Cobra Rescue, it’s us!’’ – Emma

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