Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 7

Dark Hollow – November 10th, 2013

*spoiler alert*

Last week on episode 6: Ariel is now in Neverland, Neil is safe, everybody told their ugly truths, Snow had a new haircut and pissed-off Regina went with Rumple.



FINALLY! I was waiting for that since the first episode of the season! I was happy to see all the faces that were missing (Please, bring Ruby back!). The Dark One/Evil Queen team uses Ariel to get to Belle in Storybrooke. Rumple gives her a seashell and says: ‘’She’ll know exactly what to do’’.


Finally in the village, Ariel finds Belle and they begin their Treasure Hunt game. Belle can be pretty badass if she wants. For once, they really need her! After a ‘’Star Wars reference’’ message from Rumple, she follows her heart and find the box. But it’s not that easy!


Ariel and Belle team-up and fight these strangers. I really loved that part of the episode.

Ariel:  I don’t understand? Why do we keep doing what he tells us?

Belle: Because he has a gun!

Ariel: What’s a gun?


Funny. So, I didn’t know who the two ‘’villains’’ send by Pan were, until they said that their sister was captured in Neverland. BOOM! I knew they were Wendy’s brothers!


What’s going to happen with that thing, Rumple? Don’t disappoint us! At leas, Regina kept her words and gave Ariel legs forever! And Rumple ”burned” Regina by saying:

Regina (Talking about Belle): You really love her!

Rumple: Is that jealousy?

Regina: Of Belle? I think not.

Rumple: No, of having someone…?



1, 2, 3 not only you and me…


Emma, what a heartbreaker you are! I was sure that Neil knew about Hook and Emma’s hot kiss, but it seems like he was sleeping while the gang was telling their truth.


So, the love triangle went to the Dark Hollow to capture Pan’s shadow and later use it to leave Neverland. While the boys were fighting over a lighter (which represent their love for Emma…LOL) three shadows arrived and fight with them. I loved this part. More action and Emma using magic. Who thought her? The Queen herself! I want Regina and Emma joining forces again later in the season! Please!


After the fight, Emma finally chooses the guy she wants: Henry! She just wants to focus on her son and I think it’s pretty normal. They are stuck on this Island; it’s not the time to fight over romance. The gang is finally back together with Tinker bell! Did Neil and her had something for each other years ago? We’ll see!

Pretty Little Charming


Now that she knows that Charming was hurt all this time and that he can’t leave Neverland…EVER, Snow is quite mad…like…very mad. I’m on both sides. I’m agree with Charming, because I understand that it’s hard to tell the truth and he wanted to focus on Henry and not him, BUT not telling this secret to the one he loves…it’s not cool at all. Your person is your person, don’t mess with her.


I’m on Snow’s side too, because she deserves to know! If the one you love is going to die, I’m pretty sure you’d want to spent the rest of his days with him…BUT she was a little too quiet about it. Tell him what’s going on, you love him, he loves you, he’ll understand!


We know them, they are soul mates and they’re never NEVER going to leave each other! They are cute. Happly ever after…in Neverland…




Nothing much to say. Henry walks across the forest for the entire episode. At least he finds a ‘’sick’’ Wendy, but we all knew that Pan was behind that. Love interest for the kid?


Henry trust Pan too much. He’s smarter than that. I don’t know what’s in this scary Island, but I’m sure that’s not beautiful and kind. And, with his big loving heart, Henry wants to save Wendy…but the thing is…PAN IS LYING KID! Wake up buddy! Pan wants him to sacrifice himself ”for the cause” in that scary Skull Rock…and dumb as he is, Henry says…YES! DUH…Operation Cobra Rescue‘s going to be Operation Dead Kid!

Final Thoughts

I REALLY enjoyed this episode! (I love everything about this show!) Storybrooke was my favorite part and I hope that we’ll see more of it! Now it’s time for Mulan and Robin Hood to come back! I want to know more about them and I want Regina to fall in love with Robin Hood! PLEASE!!!


‘’I’m not afraid of you OR your gun, even if I don’t know what it is…’’-Ariel

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