Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 8

Think Lovely Thoughts- November 17th, 2013

*spoiler alert*

Shame on you Pan!


Finally, we saw Rumple as a kid. This was pretty interesting. Everybody was always saying that his father was a coward, well, I think we’ve all agreed after this episode.


So, after saying ‘’I’ll be back before you know it’’ his papa let him with those ladies who spin. Poor little Rumple. All he wanted was a happy family. To help him, the ladies gave him a magic bean to go far far away, without his father. But, we all knew that little Rumple wanted to be with him.


Where should they go? Pfff, everybody’s known where! C’mon! We are watching Once Upon a Time in ”Neverland” right now! So of course, they jump into that portal and BOOM! Welcome in Neverland!


Here’s the best part! Rumple’s papa wanted SO much to fly and wanted SO much to be a kid again that he let his son go in exchange of his youth! Such a selfish coward!


But wait! That’s not enough! Peter Pan is Rumple’s dad! DAM! It was awesome! I wasn’t expecting that. Maybe we all knew a few second before the reveal, but that’s it! I was shocked and it was epic! Now we can say that this show is a big family thing!


But, magic always come with a price! ‘’Neverland is a place for children to visit in their dreams, not a place for them to live…’’– Says the Shadow. To keep his youth, Pan has to find a way to stay there forever. Well, we all know what it is: Henry’s life!


Shame on you Henry!


This episode was like a season finale for me! Everything was cool, awesome and epic! Henry is stupid, but he’s a kid and he want to do the right thing…stupid innocent boy… ‘’Tonight, Henry saves magic!’’Pan’s says…well he means, my grand-grand son’s gonna kill himself to save me! Again, selfish coward!


Meanwhile, grown up Rumple and mommy Regina walk through the forest to get to Henry and save him. (You know, that’s what everybody is doing for 8 episodes) Well, they come face to face with Emma and the gang! And awesome Regina says: This is your version of a rescue party! We got here just in time! Haha She’s so cool!


The truth about Rumple came out. Finally! I love how everybody sticks together even if they’re not BFF. When it’s for good, it’s for good. I laughed when everybody said a little something, one after the other! Cute.


Henry is not at the basecamp, but Wendy is and I’m pretty sure that her and Bae had a little something in the past! She came back to save him, so…


Well, Regina, Emma, Rumple and Bae went to the Skull to save Henry. BUT it’s not that easy! He casted a spell…and not any spell, the one where Rumple and only Rumple can pass through. Only a person with no shadow can walk pass through the force field. Emma even did a backflip trying to walk trough it! You know what? I didn’t trust grandpa at all!


Pan finally had what he was waiting for: A father/son talk. For once, I loved Rumple. I was on his team. Damn you Pan! Always the big words and the magic! You switch the Pandora’s box! NOOO! Now, The Dark One is in a freaking box! Poor Belle! I don’t know why, but I was thinking about her at this moment…


Pan: You must give me your heart Henry, the heart of a truest believer.

Henry: You mean, I have to believe…

Pan: No Henry, I mean, you have to give me your heart.

I love evil character! I love pan! BUT, I don’t want Henry to die! Please! Even if he’s stupid!


And then, badass Emma team-up with Regina! YEAH!!!!! I wanted that so bad, even if we didn’t see much of it! Together they are so powerful! Hiding the moon…pfff why I didn’t think of that! So easy to do right?


Ok! That part was AWESOME! Henry with his heart in his hand. Henry finding out his father is alive. Pan’s trying to save himself while talking with his big words to Henry. The Mommys’ trying to save him! God it was epic! Who to trust? ‘’This was never about magic Henry, you have to believe us’’ said Regina! Even that didn’t get Henry to believe in the ones he loves!


Well, the worst happen! Henry put his own heart in Pan’s chest! NOOOOOOOOO! Is he dead? Pan is what now? The biggest evil of all time? God! WHY HENRY??? WHY!??


Whatever, this scene was amazing, like a season finale! If Henry dies for real (I don’t think so but…we never know) everything’s gonna be a real mess! And Rumple? Nobody cares? What’s gonna happen with Wendy and her brothers? Is Evil Snow going to come back for revenge on Pan? Regina, Bae and Emma will be crying for the rest of their life? Can’t wait for the next episode!

‘’I never forget about you! Why do you think I call myself Peter Pan!?’’ – Peter Pan/Rumple’s father

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