The Free Comic Book Day was super new to me. I was really excited to go on a road trip with my friends to many comic book store to see what they have for us on this special day!

I was interested in books only when my boyfriend got really into it and collects a lot on comic series now. I have to say, he’s addicted 😛

So a part of our A crew (Norm, Jess and me) went together to one comic book store to another, to collect what we can get for free and discover new stuffs. Mainly to find what we miss in our collection.

In the video below, you can see a part of our adventure! We were vlogging about what we bought, what we got, and where. Sorry about the vertical video though, we won’t do this anymore. PROMISE!

Here are the comics we got for free under Free Comic Book Day. If I count well there are 21 (and 2 brochures). We had to go over three comic book stores to be able to get all these, because some of them already made a bundle with a few of the comics in it but we could only get one pack per person. The other store only allows you to get only 5 free one per person, and the last one, well, we took what we didn’t have yet 😛

fcbd_1 fcbd_2 fcbd_3

The ones in the picture below, are the free ones we got at Marc the Comic Hunter in Montreal. Honestly, it was the best comic book store ever. They offer super great services! The people are lovable! And what’s good about this store is, you can give them your email and what you want to follow (comic series). That way, when a new issue is coming out or when they find what you need in a convention, they will put it aside and contact you to tell you that they have what you need. No need to go hunt by ourselves, they go for you. HOW AWESOME IT’S THIS!fcbd_4

Aside from the free stuffs, I DID bought some good books :) As of now, i have all the volume (1 – 17) of The Walking Dead comic serie. What people know about me is that I am a BIG fan of the serie. I am up to date on the episodes of the tv serie, on the chapters of the comic too (read digitally) and I have the two novels (Rise of the Governor; The road to Woodbury). Still have to read the two novels though… didn’t have time yet XD Anyways, so the Survivor’s guide, it’s pretty much what I’m missing right now. I bought it :) I look fast into it, I think it’s a presentation of the characters and what they do to survive. Really interesting !

I’m also a big fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender. I saw all the first “books” with Aang and I saw Legend of Korra: Book 1 with friends. When I saw this huge book (the one of the left, in the image below), I fell in love with it! They show you all the art work from this show. I LOVE how they draw it. It’s very interesting and it’s my style. And inside, if i’m not mistaken, there’s a story after the Book 3 with Aang. Can’t wait to read it!fcbd_5

As a fan of video games, and a good fan of Mass Effect (even though I didn’t touch the third one and currently playing the second one (god i need 48h in a day -.-“)). I bought 4 volume from this serie. As far as I saw in the games, I really love the storyline. So why not :)fcbd_6

Going to a comic book store, we can’t pass by board games. Ninja in me, seeing this box, I took it right away! 😛 Apparently, it’s made by the people from the Bang game. Awesome game though, you should try!!fcbd_7

And that’s it for that day. Here’s the conclusion of an awesome Free Comic Book Day!!fcbd_8

All in all, we went to three comic book stores:

Did you guys went to comic book stores on that day? What did you get? What do you think of the free ones they gave us? Interesting heh!

If you missed this year edition, don’t worry. There’s another one next year. So MARK YOUR CALENDAR!!

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