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The Day of the Doctor – November 23rd, 2013

*spoiler alert*

Hello world! Camm here to discuss with you about that amazing TV show called “Doctor Who”!! Of all the people of A team, I am the only one who’s a BIG fan of Doctor Who. Therefore, I was suuuper excited for the 50th anniversary of that TV show! So I’ve decided, since it was an “anniversary”, I should do a little Doctor Who get together! And it was pretty great! Clauu, Norm, Jess and Stef came (and my sister and a mutual friend!). ANYWAYS, you guys don’t want to know our lives, you want to know our opinion on the episode called “The Day of the Doctor”!! Here’s some of our thoughts!!

Camm: I have to say that, even for a die hard fan like me, I was a bit confuse… I’m going to watch it again to understand everything better!! I was confuse with Rose, with what they were doing, etc etc… But I still really liked it!!

Clauu: You guys have to know that I learn about Doctor Who from conventions and internet since it’s so popular, I see it everywhere! But I didn’t get the time to watch the show yet. ANNND since it’s was the 50th anniversary (omg soooo old XD) and Camm invited me to watch it with her and some friends, I said why not, I have to educated myself. Surprisingly (or not), I really like it! From what I can understand though… I did miss 50 years from that show lol.

Matt Smith is such a cutie. Yes, this is the fangirl in me talking…

Camm: Matt Smith and David Tennant. Playing the Doctor. AT THE SAME TIME. It was perfect. And sad at the same time… Because we’ll never seen them play the Doctor together again and be that amazing! It was sooo great and funny!! They’re both playing a crazy Doctor and the mix of them together was… overwhelming. It made me miss David Tennant and made me remember that I will miss Matt Smith so much when the new Doctor (Peter Capaldi) is going to take is place…

Clauu: It was amazing to see how the Doctor have good chemistry with his other selves. It was really well played and it had an humoristic touch that gets me.

The moment when they compare their sonic screwdrivers is so funny ! Or when they both put glasses… so cute. Again, the fangirl is coming out…

Camm: Let’s talk about the new Doctor. We’ve seen his eyes. It was a big television moment. Seriously, I was in shock! And I really want to see more than just the eyes… WHAT WILL BE IS COSTUME??? I am the only one who can’t imagine what the costume will look like?! Big announcement too, the 12th Doctor will be in the Christmas special! So it probably means that this Christmas special, we’ll have to say our goodbyes to Matt Smith…

Clauu: Ouuuhhh new Doctor :O *what she said up there*

We want to see the rest of the Doctor!

Camm: I was really happy to see that they choose an other “monster/alien” than the really popular ones! I mean, we do see a bit of Daleks, but it was refreshing to see a big red squid monster… You know what I mean…

Clauu: Monsters are really creatively made in this show. This one looks gross and sticky XD! But the only one I really recognize in the show, it’s surely the Daleks. They are EVERYWHERE!


Camm: I did had an unintentional “squeeeee” moment when the 10th Doctor (David Tennant) talked to a bunny. I just love bunny…

Clauu: Gosh! The bunny was sooooo cute!

Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!

Camm: In general, I really like The Day of the Doctor, and special episodes like this should be done every year since it was so great!! I am going to buy the DVD as soon as it’s out and I will enjoy watching all the special features on it!

Clauu: DUDE! The most epic moment of this episode was when we get to see ALL the Doctor working together to save the world *tear of joy* :) And yeah, overall, it was pretty good! I’ll may be tempted to watch most recent Doctor though, maybe from the 9th. That’s what people told me.


It’s about it!

Are you a Doctor Who fan? Did you watch it?

I hope we convince you to watch at least the 50th anniversary!


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