We are big fans of Lost Girl! And for the San Diego Comic Con, they posted awesome pics for the occasion.

See them below. ENJOY!

lostgirl-sdcc_01 lostgirl-sdcc_09 lostgirl-sdcc_08 lostgirl-sdcc_07 lostgirl-sdcc_06 lostgirl-sdcc_05 lostgirl-sdcc_04 lostgirl-sdcc_03 lostgirl-sdcc_02

But where is Rachel Skarsten (Tamsin)?!?! :(


Lost Girl is returning in the early 2014 with a new season (season 4)!!

For those who didn’t started it yet, it means that you still have a lot of time ! Go watch it!

While you're there, please share and like! v(^-^)^

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