Powerful Women from TV Shows

They are strong, amazing, hilarious, touching, independent and badass. Whether to save the earth or simply to have a normal life, these women were all exceptional and nothing will stop them in reaching their goal!

Here are some awesome women from TV shows!

1 – Lorelai Gilmore (Gilmore Girls)


She always had to fight alone in this world and have a trouble past…but, whatever happens, she always found her way out…even if it means ”Friday night dinner”! Her best friends is her daughter Rory. They can do anything together. Lorelai is one of the most complicated and fascinated character on tv.

”Boy, I will say anything for a cup of coffee!”

2 – Lorna Corbett (Bomb Girls)


She run the munitions factory. World War II was not always funny, but it’s the time where women began to work. She’s one of those who fight for their place in the man’s world. Always doing the right thing, Lorna takes to much on her shoulder. Being the mother of everybody is a way to escape from what she’s really feeling inside. She’s afraid of what could happen if she let go.

”What’s all this been for?”

3 – Buffy Summer (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)


She lives in this world full of vampires and she’s THE slayer. Buffy is one of those female characters who have to save the world from very strong creatures. She denied, she loose herself, she fall in love and she even died. But, the thing with her is…whatever happened, she’ll do absolutely everything to save the ones she loves.

“I’m not just some crazy person. I’m the Slayer”

4 – Lynette Scavo (Desperate housewives)


Lynette give up everything for her family. She was a full time working woman, but the day she became pregnant, everything changed. With too many kids at home, she put her dreams away. She doesn’t care about what you think and she’s the one who wear the pants in the house.

”This one kept knocking me up so I won’t get to be nostalgic until I’m 90.”

5 – Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones)


Mother of dragons, she was the one with nothing. The day she got married and named Khaleesi, everything took a different turn for her. She’s one of the strongest woman. What she wants is justice. If you treat others like nohting and slaves, she may come after you and god knows what she’ll do to you…but you’re not getting out of that alive!

”No one will take my dragons!”

6 – Bo (Lost Girl)LostGirl

She’s THE one. She’s a Fae. She’s a Succubus. Light or Dark? Man or woman? Dyson or Lauren? She doesn’t choose side. The only thing she chooses is to fight for her friends, no matter what and ’til the end. She admits she can’t do anything without her best friend, her soulmate, Kenzi, a human. Courageous, strong and really badass, Bo is just amazing!

”If these assholes want a fight, let’s give ’em one.”

7 – Piper Chapman (Orange is the New Black)OrangeBlack

She was a good woman, with a normal life and with a kind fiance, but she had a trouble past. Now in prison, she’s the new girl, the weak one. What’s the rules? Who she should be talking to? Piper is growing in this new world, a world of troubled woman, and try do her best. When she suddenly bumps into her ex-girlfriend, she let herself go-wtih-the-flow and fight for her place in prison.

“I have been felt up, stalked, and called Taylor Swift.”

8 – Emma Swan (Once Upon a Time)OUAT

She’s a Fairytale character, but she didn’t knew it. She’s a mother, but she forgot about it. She’s the savior, but she doesn’t want to believe it. She struggles through life alone all those years and it wasn’t easy. But now, she has her parents back and a child and nothing can stop her to protect them…even the most evil fairytale character! A real badass!

”But we would’ve been together. Which curse is worse?”

9 – Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City)Sexandthecity

Friends, New York, work, men, sex and shoes. Those word describes this woman perfecly. She asks questions about life and through her week, try to find answers. She doesn’t really know how to get her place in this wolrd, but one thing is sure…she always find the perfect shoes to walk with it.

”“Today I had a thought.What if I…what if I had never met you?”

10 – Veronica Mars (Veronica Mars) Veronica Mars

Don’t tell her what to do…beacause whe won’t listen to you. She always does thing her way. Sometimes she gets in trouble for it, but at the end, she’s always right. Veronica wants answers and she’ll do everything to get them. Sarcastic and strong, don’t mess with her…she knows all tricks and you’re maybe the next one!

”Well, you know what they say. Veronica Mars, she’s a marshmallow.”

Of course, there’s so many others! Tell me who’s your favorite female character on tvshows!

I hope you enjoy this! See ya!

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  1. January 1, 2015 at 11:40 AM Sebastian

    Edward Herrmann (Gilmore Girls) passed away. I get upset when people die (except a woman that I don’t like).

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