Ghosts – April 1st, 2013

Here are some recap and reactions to the episode. It contains SPOILERS!

Danny’s burial :( … Charlie is really mad at Rachel.revolution_s01e12-01_burying

Where did Aaron got those two?!revolution_s01e12-02_pendants

Remember the Randall – Monroe alliance from last episode? What did they really planned?revolution_s01e12-03_randallmonroe

Remember to trust no one! Here’s one of the rebel reporting to a Malitia guy about Mile’s move. What a bitch! He got promise diamonds but it was a trap and he got killed… duh..revolution_s01e12-04_betrayal

Miles and Nora went to see Jim, an old friend. But he changed identity to start a new life with her wife. Miles wants to ask him some help to kill Monroe, but he doesn’t want. He was confortable and happy there. ‘Til Miles come and disturb him…revolution_s01e12-05_jim

Nice Rachel! Good thinking! Burn the USB and everything that was on it. 2 down, 10 to go.revolution_s01e12-06_usb

Tom didn’t really have a poker face. In the last episode, he announced Monroe that Jason, his son, died. I’m sure Monroe has some doubts and sees in his lies…revolution_s01e12-07_tom

Randall, seriously… what do have in mind!?revolution_s01e12-08_rachelrandall

Now Jim’s wife is all confused and disappointed. Poor him… He lived happy ’til now :(revolution_s01e12-09_jimwife

This is the tag of Randall’s son.revolution_s01e12-10_edward

“EXECUTION” – Randallrevolution_s01e12-11_randall

Rachel is now surrending to answer and tell the story beside all that. Why were she left for dead? What happened with Miles? With Monroe? Can’t wait to know the story!revolution_s01e12-12_rachel

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