The Song Remains the Same – April 8, 2013

Here are some recap and reactions to the episode. *spoiler alert*

Rocking Lionel Richie in the car! “They see me rollin’, they hatin'”revolution_s01e13-01

Surprise Tom! Looks who is there for you!revolution_s01e13-02

Jason is with the rebel now, YES! Looking fierce <3revolution_s01e13-03

Rachel, Rachel, Rachel… All that angriness… put it somewhere else. Don’t go kill Tom. Let the man do it.revolution_s01e13-04

Wow this scene was awesome! Jason VS Tom (his daddy). I really thought for a moment that Jason was really letting him go.. pfff.. i underestimate him. He is clearly awesome :)revolution_s01e13-05

Dammit.. noooooo :( He was super cool! You have to die Tom, not others!revolution_s01e13-06

What is in that suitcase?! Really? Nukes o.O ??revolution_s01e13-07

Listen to your husband, go away! If Monroe finds out about all your lies, you’re gonna have a bad time.revolution_s01e13-08

Miles and Rachel?!?! What were they before the blackout? Were they dating when Rachel was with her husband? I want to know more about their pasts!revolution_s01e13-09

Do you guys think it’s a good thing that Eric and Rachel leave? Arf don’t separate the group :(revolution_s01e13-10

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