Sailor Moon Underwear

Apparently, the Peach John brand released a small underwear collection to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Sailor Moon back in 2013. You can find five outfits, one for Sailor Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus. It is composed of a bra, panties and a satin necklace. How fancy! And you have to admit that it look a bit like a cosplay costume too. For now, they are only available in Japan and it cost 4,980 yen (48 $ CAN). If you really want to order one, I guess you can order on the FromJapan site, but be carefully about the shipping cost and the custom fees :S


What do you think? So are you ready to embrace your inner Sailor Scout? Or transform your girlfriend into one 😛 ?

I find the idea super cute, but personally, I wouldn’t see myself in those in a million year lol… Would YOU buy it? For you or for someone else?

Anyways see ya, and leave your comments below :)

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