Moon Animate Make-Up!

Moon Animate Make-Up! Hey fellow A readers, it’s been a while I wrote something huh? Well anyways, i’m here to talk to you about this project that went on between several artist on Tumblr called “Moon Animate Make-Up!“. What is it? Basically a bunch of artist participated in this small fun project and each was […]

Sailor Moon Crystal Trailer

Hey A readers, well with less than a month away (July 5th, 2014) we finally get our first glimpse of what to expect in the all new Sailor Moon anime. Personally i was a bit upset with how the girls we’re gonna look like, you can check out my article about that right here. Well without […]

The Akira Project trailer looks AMAZING!! (Live Action)

The Akira Project trailer looks AMAZING!! (Live Action) After 2 years of waiting, The Akira Project finally released last week a trailer of Akira. Osric Chau, who is most know for his character on Supernatural as the prophet Kevin Tran, flew to Montreal to participate in the production. After seeing this trailer, I really hope that they can produce a real movie […]

Sailor Moon Crystal

Sailor Moon Crystal Hey there fellow A readers, well the wait is finally over! At around 3:00 am EST which is about 4:00 PM in Japan, there was an event (sorry don’t know which event) going on that was going to give us the very first look at the character designs and voice actresses for the […]

Real Life Dragon Ball Z

Real Life Dragon Ball Z After the Naruto trailer, Ryan Higa strikes back with another good anime inspired video, the real life Dragon Ball Z! And most of you know that we are a big fan of this anime. It’s a classic, you can not, not know that and not appreciate the power of Goku […]

We will be there – Otakuthon Montreal 2013

You are wondering what to do this week-end? Well, get out of your place and come meet us at Otakuthon 2013 at the Palais de Congrés de Montréal between August 16 and 18. We will be there to take pictures, take videos, see awesome cosplay, mascarade and many more! Otakuthon is Quebec’s largest festival celebrating […]


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