The Vampire Diaries – S04E19

Pictures of You – April 18, 2013 Here are some recap and reactions to the episode. *spoiler alert* Review from [ Clau ] and [ Steph ] OMG JEREMY!!!! We missed youuuu Bonnie control yourself!! We really like that family reunion! Elijah <3 one of our favs Elena stole Caroline’s dress… What a bitch lol… But it looks really […]

The Following – S01E11

Whips & Regret – April 1st, 2013 Here are some recap and reactions to the episode. It contains SPOILERS! Wow Claire… What a bad idea to surrender to Joe Joe tell Jacob to take care of Claire now. He looks all tough since he killed Paul. This is weird… I still don’t believe that Molly did […]

TMNT Movie – First casting

When they announced that Michael Bay would realize and what he would do with the new movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, my heart just stop for a few seconds. For me, this is disastrous. Those turtles stories and characters are one of my favs, you can’t change their backstory. “Kids are going to believe one […]


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