Top Most Desirable Women 2014 from AskMen

Top Most Desirable Women 2014 from AskMen The results of the Top 99 Most Desirable Women 2014 by Askmen are in! Check it out! I’ve listed the top 20 with pictures. Do you agree? Who is YOUR most desirable woman? Tell us in the comments below! 20. Marissa Mayer 19. Rihanna 18. Rita Ora 17. […]

Celebrities on Halloween 2013

Celebrities on Halloween 2013 Since Halloween parties began last friday, we saw some awesome costumes from stars until today. I sorted it all out for you guys and in the gallery below, I picked up my tops! My favorite one (didn’t change from last year) is Ellen Degeneres. She is HI-LA-RI-OUS! Last year, she was […]


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