Epic Nerf fight

Epic Nerf fight This is what it would look like if Micheal Bay would do a movie with Nerf guns!! Christmas is coming soon people! Just saying.

Fall 2014 in TV Shows

Fall 2014 in TV Shows If you are just like us, you just CAN’T wait any longer for your favorite shows to begin! We miss them and we love them. But for now, while we are all waiting, here’s a look of what we can expect for their new season coming this fall. *spoiler alert* 1- […]

BITF – The Best Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Gif

BITF – The Best Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Gif The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is one of my top favorite sitcom from the 90s! So I wanted to share with you on this beautiful Friday a little sunshine. I’ve selected many awesome and epic gifs from all the seasons of the show. The Gifs are […]

R2-D2 DVD Projector a Excellent Gift Idea

R2-D2 DVD Projector a Excellent Gift Idea It’s old but we still have to show this off for christmas season because it is awesome and everybody wants it!! And you know it’s old when it shows off the cool iPod Classic 😛 What do you want me to say more about it? Just watch the […]

Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 16 (Series Finale)

Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 16 Felina – September 29, 2013 *spoiler alert* All Bad things must come to an end! The perfect phrase for a perfect ending! Yesterday was the series finale of the epic TV show Breaking Bad.  I LOVED THE ENDING!! It’s wasn’t what I was expecting… Well no I was expecting that […]

Breaking Bad The Complete Series

Breaking Bad The Complete Series As you all know, Breaking Bad series finale happened yesterday night! Did you watch it? Was it as you expected? Was it a good ending? The series may end but there’s no reason for it to end in your life! You can still have this epic series boxset! This 16-disc awesome set […]

NEW TRAILER – Watch Dogs

This gives me shivers DAMN!! I can’t wait to play the Watch Dogs game all created by Ubisoft Montreal (and I have a friend who is working on this game, lucky him!). Watch the trailer above to get a good preview of the game and the hype around it I’ve certainly pre-ordered it! Well… my boyfriend did, […]

The Voice – Week 4 Battles

Week 4 Blind Auditions – April 15-16, 2013 We presents you the mentors : First battle, wow! What an epic battle seriously!! I wanted nobody to go home! Adam chose Amber to be the winner of the first Battle. Nooo Sashaaa OMG YES someone wants to steal Sasha!! And it was Shakira 😀 yay! Now […]

2013 Movie releases

2013 is a BIG YEAR for movie releases. Here’s a quick look, in chronological order : And here’s a detailed breakdown of what we are super excited for (in random order) : Man of steel A young journalist, molded by the morals of his earth parents, discovers that he is gifted with powers beyond his […]

Lost Girl – S03E13 Finale

Those Who Wander – April 14, 2013 *spoiler alert* Here are collectively some recap and reactions to the episode. From [Clau] & [Steph]. [CLAU] Those girls are too funny! Being all girly and sh*t when Tamsin isn’t feeling good beside them haha XD [CLAU] Tamsin waking up with a make over was really hilarious too. […]


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