Superheroes Hoodies

Superheroes Hoodies So I was browsing the internet and I found these little gem. From Superman, Batman, to Spider-man and Goku, these hoodies are awesome!! If you don’t like cosplaying these are the right clothes for you. UNFORTUNATELY…. these are not for sale but we can only dream that one day they will be.          […]

Dragon Ball Z Accoustic Version

Dragon Ball Z Accoustic Version If I tell you this 3 words, what is the first thing you thing? CHALA HEAD CHALA!!! The song was created in 1989 by japanese singer Hironobu Kageyama. It was used for 200 episodes and 9 movies. It’s THE theme song of Dragon Ball Z. THE ORIGINAL theme song. So full of memories! […]

Real Life Dragon Ball Z

Real Life Dragon Ball Z After the Naruto trailer, Ryan Higa strikes back with another good anime inspired video, the real life Dragon Ball Z! And most of you know that we are a big fan of this anime. It’s a classic, you can not, not know that and not appreciate the power of Goku […]

Dragon Ball Multiverse

Dragon Ball Multiverse I’m really HUGE fan of Dragon Ball!!! Goku is the best character of all time. Stronger than Superman!! (YES! YES I DID JUST SAY THAT!) Since the day that Dragon Ball Z and GT finished, I always dreamt that the series would continue. In the new movie, Dragon Ball Z : Battle of […]

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods

After 17 years of waiting for a REAL Dragon ball Z movie, it finally came out! Yeah yeah, you’re going to tell me that there was a movie called: Dragon Ball: Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!!  released in 2008 but that doesn’t count. We’re talking about an original Dragon Ball Z movie like the […]


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