DEVIANTART – Eric Guzman

New discovery of the day : Eric Guzman on Deviantart His drawing are very interesting! He’s mixing the DC and Marvel Universe to create new characters. See it by yourself below  

Movie Review – Iron Man 3

[ Camm ] I have to start and say that I wasn’t expecting anything from that movie. I love Iron Man, looove Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, but Iron Man 2 disappointed me a lot. So after watching the trailer, I was sure it would be mediocre. But I was wrong. Oh yes, I […]

Trailer – Thor: The Dark World

I didn’t really like the first Thor movie… I didn’t really know Thor story (and i was sure he was Norwegian … Not from Asgard…). I thought it was kinda cheesy… But i did felt in love with them in Avengers (them = Thor and Loki… Oh yes Loki.). And now, OH GOD THE SECOND […]

NEW TV Show – Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

After an awesome season of Arrow based on the character from DC Comics, we do expect something from Marvel too. And here we saw something is definitly coming up! And, of course, we are super excited about it! Guess what? Phil Coulson will be the principal character of the show. How awesome is that?! Coming […]


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