Real Life Dragon Ball Z

Real Life Dragon Ball Z After the Naruto trailer, Ryan Higa strikes back with another good anime inspired video, the real life Dragon Ball Z! And most of you know that we are a big fan of this anime. It’s a classic, you can not, not know that and not appreciate the power of Goku […]

TRAILER – Naruto movie

Ever wondered what a Naruto movie would look like? Watch this video above created by the awesome Nigahiga for the Youtube Geek Week! The visual effect is sick for a fanmade movie trailer, don’t you think?! “I bet you guys can’t fly!” HAHAHAH this part is the best XD

The Fu – Smile

Just a little something to smile about today Recognized some Youtube celebrities in there ? Megan Batoon Victor Kim Chris Riedell Mystery Guitar Man Alexa Losey Ryan Higa Chris Thompson Nick Reidell Lana McKissack Swoozie Peter Chao Kyle Hatch Amanda Suk SlopsMcGee Will Shahan Adorian Deck Nikki Hollywood Justin James Hughes Andrew Garcia

Sneak Peek – Internet Icon – S02

Watch a sneak peek of Internet Icon Season 2 from Ryan Higa on his channel HigaTV. You can recognize Kyle Hatch, The Fu Music and The Brothers Riedell in the video. Popular youtubers like Timothydelaghetto and WongFu Productions were guests to the show. And last but not the least, we can see the beautiful Christine […]


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