People’s Choice Awards 2014 Winners

People’s Choice Awards 2014 Winners In case you missed or you don’t remember who are the winners of yesterday’s People’s Choice Awards, here’s the list. See if your favorites actors, shows, movies, songs and singers made the cut! Anyways, if you really like Sandra Bullock, you’ll be pleased!! 😛 Favorite Movie Actress Photo credit: IMDB […]

The BIG Tom Hanks

The BIG Tom Hanks I was exploring the internet and I lost myself. But by being lost I found this little gem. Tom Hanks playing the BIG piano was so awesome! Especially when Sandra Bullock did the Chopstick with him. It reminds me of the movie he did in 1988, BIG. Here is the amazing scene of […]

Celebrities on Halloween 2013

Celebrities on Halloween 2013 Since Halloween parties began last friday, we saw some awesome costumes from stars until today. I sorted it all out for you guys and in the gallery below, I picked up my tops! My favorite one (didn’t change from last year) is Ellen Degeneres. She is HI-LA-RI-OUS! Last year, she was […]

Hollywood BFFs

Hollywood BFFs I found an interesting art all about Hollywoods BFFs! All the bromance and friendsbians (right definition below) between celebrities. I will just show you which one I liked and found interesting 😛 But there’s more, you can see it in the source page at the end of this post. BROMANCE: complicate love and […]


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