Poll – Batman vs Superman VERSUS Captain America 3

Batman vs Superman VERSUS Captain America 3 This is war!! War has been declared between DC and Marvel! The biggest superheroes showdown is set on May 6th, 2016 with the BIG upcoming movie Batman vs Superman. Marvel confirms that on May 6th, 2016, the sequel of Captain America: Winter Soldier will be released! After earning more than 96 millions at […]

Superheroes Hoodies

Superheroes Hoodies So I was browsing the internet and I found these little gem. From Superman, Batman, to Spider-man and Goku, these hoodies are awesome!! If you don’t like cosplaying these are the right clothes for you. UNFORTUNATELY…. these are not for sale but we can only dream that one day they will be.          […]

Top 10 posts of 2013

Top 10 posts of 2013 Hi there! Just a few hours left of this year, woah! What was your best 2013 TV shows? Movies? Comics? Events? Tell us all of it down below, we will be happy to read you Here is a list of our top 10 popular posts thanks to you all! Check […]

Halloween 2013 – It’s all about kids costumes

Halloween 2013 – It’s all about kids costumes Like we said on our recent facebook post, one of the perks of having kids, since they don’t have yet a big power of decision (muahahaha!), you can dress them up as whatever character you like the most! SOOOOO I decided to make you a list of […]

Trailer of Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Trailer of Captain America: The Winter Soldier Here it is people! The first trailer of one the great movies coming in 2014. Captain America: The Winter Soldier. After the event in New York (The Avengers) Steve Rogers team up with Black Widow and Nick Fury to prevent another disaster to happen. But who is this new […]

Superheroes Deco Lights

3D Lights FX is a Canadian night light company created by a Dad who wanted to provide a safe, functional and inspiring environment for his son with superheroes inspirations. What a good idea! As parents ourselves, we understand the importance of providing a safe, functional and inspiring environment for our little ones. It was with this exact […]

Founding members of the Justice League

Just found an awesome graphic about the founding members of the Justice League of America. The group is originally compose of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, and the Martian Manhunter. See more of it down there! [Source]

DEVIANTART – Eric Guzman

New discovery of the day : Eric Guzman on Deviantart His drawing are very interesting! He’s mixing the DC and Marvel Universe to create new characters. See it by yourself below  

DEVIANTART – Jon Bolerjack

I discovered something lately, something called Jon Bolerjack and his art. Wow look below and you’ll see! Loving the crossover between Star Wars and Superheroes.

Pictograms of famous characters

I found something interesting on the net today. Mattcantdraw posted in his deviantArt page a bunch of pictograms of famous pop-culture characters and how they became who they are today. Can you identify them all? There are 47 famous characters.


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