Christmas 2014 – 10 Gifts for TV shows addict

Christmas 2014 – 10 Gifts for TV shows addict There’s still a little bit of time to get gifts for your close friends. You all know, if you’ve been reading us for a while now, we loooooove TV series. We are ADDICTED! And if you have a friend that is like us, you will find […]

The CW Fall 2014-2015 Schedule

The CW Fall 2014-2015 Schedule I’m super excited about this schedule because I’m watching most of their shows. I was expecting that they put The Flash and Arrow in the same night though since they are connected shows… but oh well. It’s fine. I heard that The 100 is a good show that I have […]

The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 1

The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 1 I Know What You Did Last Summer – October 3rd, 2013 *spoiler alert* This first episode of their new season is almost as epic as the season 4 finale! Everything is just so messed up and very interesting! I won’t do the review according to the chronological scenes. […]

NEW TV Show – The Originals

The story of this family is really fascinating. No wonder they wanted to do a spin-off of The Vampire Diaries with them. The storyline has so much potential. And for those who know me, two of my favs characters from TVD are in this show : Elijah and Rebekah <3 We’ve been already introduced to […]

The Vampire Diaries – S04E19

Pictures of You – April 18, 2013 Here are some recap and reactions to the episode. *spoiler alert* Review from [ Clau ] and [ Steph ] OMG JEREMY!!!! We missed youuuu Bonnie control yourself!! We really like that family reunion! Elijah <3 one of our favs Elena stole Caroline’s dress… What a bitch lol… But it looks really […]


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