The Walking Dead – Webisodes season 3

If you didn’t see season 2 yet, click here to see the episodes. Your hunger is still not satisfy? Here’s Season 3: Cold Storage. This season has been nominated, in the writing and drama categories, for the 17th annual webby award. The winner will be announce April 30th 2013. Best of luck! Do not wait […]

The Walking Dead – Webisodes Season 2

I really love The Walking Dead (tv show) and I’m soooooo sad that I have to wait until fall for season 4. But luckily enough, I found some web series to ease my hunger. Directed by Gregory Nicotero, he successfully bring the thrill who will keep you on the edge of your chair. Here are the episodes […]

The Walking Dead – S03E16 (finale)

Welcome to the tombs – March 31st, 2013 Here are my reactions, impressions and highlights of the episode. It contains SPOILERS! Before the finale start, we were informed by the AMC Walking Dead on facebook that there are going to be 27 people dead in this episode. My predictions was at least Hershel, Beth, Carol, […]


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