Game of Thrones Goes KFC

Game of Thrones Goes KFC After watching the first episode of Game of Thrones, we learned that the Hound love his chicken. Jimmy Kimmel has discover that GoT had a secret commercial in one scene.

Lara Croft Fan Film

If you have played the Tomb Raider game before, you will love that fan film. You get actions, awesome fight scene and nice special effects. This Lara croft is as bad to the bone than in the game, you don’t want to mess with her. She got the instinct of a survivor. The Croft team won […]

YouTube Rewind 2013

YouTube Rewind 2013 Hey guys! So it’s that time of the year where we say goodbye to 2013 and hello to 2014! Last year Youtube did a whole recap of the year 2012 with their Rewind YouTube style 2012 and now they are at it again! Voilà peeps, did your favorite youtubers make the cut? Find […]

Mario Trivia

Mario Trivia Let’s play a little game! Mario Bros. is one of the most iconic character in the video games history. After more than 2 decades of existence everyone one knows the name but do you really know him?? Try to answer this trivia. Tell us if your a Mario guru or you learned new […]

First person Sonic

First person Sonic Ever wondered how does Sonic the Hedgehog see? We always see him on the side but what if we could see what he sees! Machinima created a great footage that shows us exactly Sonic front view. Watch it up there!

What we can learn from the movies

What we can learn from the movies In every movie, we can learn something. Watch up there, what Buzzfeed think about some of our classicals movies! My favorite movie is Star Wars and I learn that we must never lose hope and we have to control ourself.

Showcase – Catwoman

After watching the little episode of Green Arrow, I saw this one with Catwoman. It wasn’t as good as Green Arrow but I appreciate how she passed from villain to hero. The fights are good and the storyline has a good little punch at the end. Oh and there is a little seksy time that […]

Fanmade movie – Wonder Woman

Fanmade movie – Wonder Woman I’m not a big fan of Wonder Woman, but I can say that these fanmade short movies were cool to watch! The first one was cool but not really realistic. Ok I know, she’s just a fictional character but since when Wonder Woman can be capture by humans? NO! She’s […]

History of ALL the Robins

History of ALL the Robins Ever wondered why they are a tons of Robins in the history of DC? Where did they come from? Why are they doing this? VariantComics posted a video about the history of all the Robins. Over the years, Batman trained 5 different Robins: Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Stephanie Brown and […]

Youtube – Geek IQ Test

Click HERE and pass you Geek IQ Test. Are you a REAL Geek? Don’t forget to tell us your score on the comments below! It’s not always the same questions though, it’s a bit random but still awesome and accurate. Here’s my score! Not bad huh 😉 I’ve put out a few questions from that […]

Youtube is Under Attack – Geek Week

Youtube is under attack! There’s is an epic easter egg on this video: http://youtu.be/5yCGRy_dR30. Go to this page, you can command the missiles with this clue: Wait for the video to play then type 1980 (make sure to click the background, not the comments). PEW PEW PEW!!!!

How It Should Have Ended

Are you always wondering how a movie should have ended? And when you see a movie, don’t you find better solutions than the hero? You always talk with your friend about what the hero should have done, ”If it was ME, I would do this and that!” ? Well you’re in the right place! On Youtube […]

Youtuber – Lumiastudios

If you don’t know what to watch anymore on youtube, you HAVE to go watch Lumiastudios. He’s been doing some video since the end of december 2011 and with the help of his friend, Lumiastudios have gain more than 1700 subscribers. Here’s some video you may like. His first video: Ok I know….  and we […]

Youtubers – Draw my life

There’s a thing going on, on Youtube lately. It’s called Draw my life. This is where youtubers put together a video and draw about their life. It’s very interesting to see what they were going through. It’s fun to see what their journey is! Here’s some videos i picked up for you guys :

The Fu – Smile

Just a little something to smile about today Recognized some Youtube celebrities in there ? Megan Batoon Victor Kim Chris Riedell Mystery Guitar Man Alexa Losey Ryan Higa Chris Thompson Nick Reidell Lana McKissack Swoozie Peter Chao Kyle Hatch Amanda Suk SlopsMcGee Will Shahan Adorian Deck Nikki Hollywood Justin James Hughes Andrew Garcia


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