Youtubers – Swoozie and 1M subscribers

Youtubers – Swoozie and 1M subscribers Congratulations to one of our fav youtubers, Swoozie, for finally hitting his 1 million subscribers! Yay! The video below, is the one that get me to know him. He was so hilarious that i decided to subscibe to him since and watching his sketches and vlogs. I love his […]

Sneak Peek – Internet Icon – S02

Watch a sneak peek of Internet Icon Season 2 from Ryan Higa on his channel HigaTV. You can recognize Kyle Hatch, The Fu Music and The Brothers Riedell in the video. Popular youtubers like Timothydelaghetto and WongFu Productions were guests to the show. And last but not the least, we can see the beautiful Christine […]


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