The Tenure Turbulence – April 4, 2013

Here are some recap and reactions to the episode. *spoiler alert*

What i find funny in the beginning of the episode is that everyone was in a dinner, between “lovers” lol Here you have Penny and Leonard.tbbt_s06e20-01

You also have Sheldon and Amy ~tbbt_s06e20-02

And here you have Howard and Bernadette… AAANNNDD Raj lolll He’s so lonely awwww XDDtbbt_s06e20-03

Since they announced that there was a Tenure position in school, everybody went to see the one that will make the difference in the choice of that position : Janine.tbbt_s06e20-04

I laugh so hard at this one, Leonard being all tired and asthmatic xDtbbt_s06e20-05

Hahahahaha Raj’s video was hilarious too XDD

Raj : “Don’t be alarm, i’m not really in space! :)tbbt_s06e20-06

WTF Sheldon!! He doesn’t know his way around black people lol Giving a black history movie to Janine to get to her lollltbbt_s06e20-07

Leonard to Penny : “Do it”

lol Raj!!! But DAMN how can they push those up that way o.O tbbt_s06e20-09

Sheldon to Amy : “What did she do it yet?”
“Don’t stand there, take your breast out!”

Sheldon : “Last night i was feeling in need of sexual release when i happened to come across your mother”
Leonard : “Guys what are we doing here?”
Sheldon : “I don’t know what you’re doing, but i’m about to insinuate that i have coetus with Raj’s mother… FOR A DOLLAR!”tbbt_s06e20-11

Raj : “You’re right, that’s beneath me… like your mother was last night!”tbbt_s06e20-12


Sheldon to Raj : “Hold on. At least “Screw it, im going in” it’s what i said to your mother last night.
Sheldon to Amy : “Don’t worry, i don’t really say that. I find the concept of coetus ridiculous and off putting”
Amy disappointed : “Should’ve take my breast out when i had the chance” HAHAHA!tbbt_s06e20-14

The handshake was EPIC!!! Didn’t expect that XD Good one Sheldon hahahahaha

Sheldon : “Yeah right on sister!”tbbt_s06e20-16

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