Whips & Regret – April 1st, 2013

Here are some recap and reactions to the episode. It contains SPOILERS!

Wow Claire… What a bad idea to surrender to Joe :(following_s01e11-01_rodderickclaire

Joe tell Jacob to take care of Claire now. He looks all tough since he killed Paul. This is weird…following_s01e11-01_jacobclaire

I still don’t believe that Molly did all that to Ryan… Poor him :'( … Can’t wait to see when he’s going to discover all the truth.following_s01e11-03_molly

This video is still intriguing. We have no clue what does that mean yet… Does it trigger something? Subliminal message?following_s01e11-04_video

They finally find something more concrete. The internet provider of Joe Caroll in a nightclub. She really seems to know nothing about the killing and the cult.following_s01e11-05_clubowner

Emma is trying to apologize to Jacob, but it’s not that easy girl. What you did was wrong and frustrating!following_s01e11-06_jacobemma

Roderick is really getting on his nerves and crazy! What is his limits? Where is he ready to go to get to the plan?following_s01e11-07_rodderick

We discover that Vince have everything to do with the internet satellite in the nightclub.following_s01e11-08_vince

Claire went to dinner with Joe and it didn’t go very well.. Joe is really convince that he can make Claire to love him back. Yeaahhh sure…following_s01e11-09_claire

He really wants to win Claire over so he handed her Joey. FINALLY!following_s01e11-10_clairejoey

The cop was searching in the cave to see if there’s anything dangerous. The cave was where Vince bring the nightclub owner down to see if the cult can trust her.following_s01e11-11_cop

He found people in a cave. What a bad idea! See how creepy it is!following_s01e11-12_creep

And now, unfortunately, they murdered him… More killer free on the field :( But DAMN how many are they !!following_s01e11-13_copdead

Joe getting angry at Roderick because he told Vince to go there. And everything went wrong.following_s01e11-14_joe

Here’s one of the video that Molly lend to Joe… What a creepy guy… And awww poor Ryan seriously, he’s been played hard!…following_s01e11-15_tape

How fake she is… i’m sure she clearly can’t kill him (duh! main character of the show) but maybe injured him bad. I hope not! Go Ryan!! Open your eyes! You can trust NOBODY!following_s01e11-16_ryanmolly

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