The Curse – April 8, 2013

Here are some recap and reactions to the episode. *spoiler alert*

With a high number of killers living in this big house, it’s clearly not a good idea Claire…thefollowing_s01e12-01

Molly… Molly… Molly… Acting like she’s a good friend and sh**.thefollowing_s01e12-02

Go girl! Killed that bitch!thefollowing_s01e12-03

They finally found Monroe from the Militia (Revolution? :P)thefollowing_s01e12-04

Mike was really angry on that episode. Let it all out! What a badass aaah :)thefollowing_s01e12-05

Noooo Joe is outside, in public!! This scene made me shivers… I felt the pain for Mike.thefollowing_s01e12-06

Jacob feeling all mighty. I find it weird, from a day to another, he’s transformed in a cold blood killer. Wassup guys?!thefollowing_s01e12-07

The scene where Ryan tell the story of his dad’s death to Joe. He was just in a bad timing and the wrong place… Just like in Spiderman. That was sad :(thefollowing_s01e12-08

I really don’t know how can he makes Claire loves him back… with all the things he did… screw you Joe!thefollowing_s01e12-09

And after that, when Claire doesn’t want him, he goes the easy way. Making angry sex with Emma. thefollowing_s01e12-10

OMG!! Why isn’t Mike with Ryan?!?! He would recognize him and beat him up immediately. Damn… Roderick working with the FBI. There will be blood!thefollowing_s01e12-11

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