Havenport – April 15, 2013

Here are some recap and reactions to the episode. *spoiler alert*

I was waiting for this moment for a long time now! He has to recognize Roderick one way or another. And that was the moment!thefollowing_s01e13-01

Roderick going all cray-cray and he’s getting on Joe’s nerves. That wasn’t a good idea…thefollowing_s01e13-02

Ryan announcing that if any of Joe’s followers want immunity, they have to come to the FBI and help them to find Joe. That wasn’t a good idea either… Look at what happened in the end lol XDthefollowing_s01e13-03

Joey nooo!! Poor guy… he doesn’t know what happened at all… he get pulled in every ways.thefollowing_s01e13-04

Joe talking to Ryan when he was with Roderick in the FBI interrogation room telling Joe that he has Joey. Joe isn’t happy, no-no-nooo..thefollowing_s01e13-05

He’s really being there all smartass and sh**.thefollowing_s01e13-06

I really thought for a second that Ryan was a Dick letting Roderick go like that… in the end he wasn’t ouffthefollowing_s01e13-07

Emma wants attention but she got slapped lol Good for you, that’s all you deserve 😛thefollowing_s01e13-08

Yay finally someone good found Joey !! I thought he knew who Ryan was though. Well now he knows lolthefollowing_s01e13-09

That was expected…thefollowing_s01e13-10

Happy to see that Jacob still have a heart. Do you guys think that he will side with the FBI soon or will he remain with Joe? He’s too good to be in the dark side, faking being all tough and killing people…thefollowing_s01e13-11

Emma’s back with Jacob? Wtf… thefollowing_s01e13-12

Dammit Claire… how naive i am.. i really thought her deal was real… but inside me i was saying : “i can’t be happening! nooo! stay away from him rooo”.. yeah lolthefollowing_s01e13-13

But BAM! Surprise! Stabbing Joe! Yayyy thefollowing_s01e13-14

There was something wrong with that girl for sure… thefollowing_s01e13-15

Jeez… in the eye… gross!!thefollowing_s01e13-16

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