The End Is Near – April 22, 2013

Here are some recap and reactions to the episode. *spoiler alert*

The FBI finally found Joe’s Manoir… with a surprise… I suppose that he wants to show his power and that he is still in control.thefollowing_S01E14-01

They moved from the Manoir to someone else place. The residents didn’t expect that at all… I hope Emma won’t do any trouble in the next season. I really don’t like her -.-“thefollowing_S01E14-02

Joe is writing his final chapter. Will he really kill Claire to get to Ryan? What an insane man….thefollowing_S01E14-03

This girl is crazy. The guy looking at her is one of Joe’s too, giving her the sign to go on with the plan.thefollowing_S01E14-04

I don’t want to be in the reporter’s shoe… What a risky job. thefollowing_S01E14-05

Good actress! I like the way the character is played.thefollowing_S01E14-06

Returning to Joe and the random strangers house. He’s making dinner like in normal situation.thefollowing_S01E14-07

FBI knows that they run to somewhere else so they send cops to retrace them. But not a chance… Emma is fearless.. -.-“thefollowing_S01E14-08

What a good move Claire! First, bottle on the head.thefollowing_S01E14-09

And second of all, fork in the injuries and run!thefollowing_S01E14-10

They found out that Joe’s plan is including a health care center with a lot of sick and innocent people.thefollowing_S01E14-11

One of their crew just turn off the lights. The fastest way to not understand what is happening and killing a lot of people without getting “caught”. Even though some got caught and kill.thefollowing_S01E14-12

Joe’s people just bring their own axes to kill people without making any noise. How dangerous!!thefollowing_S01E14-13

Here’s Joe forcing Claire to enter his boat.thefollowing_S01E14-14

Claire clearly doesn’t want to go in the boat with him. I really want to know where the boat go lolthefollowing_S01E14-15

Jacob finally realizing that he doesn’t belong with them and wants to live… Good idea man!! Leave that bitch (Emma)!!thefollowing_S01E14-16

They got Agent Parker!!! NOOOOOOO!! It’s terrifying :(thefollowing_S01E14-17

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