The Final Chapter – April 29, 2013

Here are some recap and reactions to the episode. *spoiler alert*

This is a really creepy mask … The boy got paid to go scare Ryan at the FBIthefollowing_s01e15-01

Aww Agent Parker!! Still stucks underground :(thefollowing_s01e15-02

This is where Joe kidnapped Claire..thefollowing_s01e15-03

One of Joe’s followers puts a trap for the FBI when they found the car that got Parker. Ready to shot everybody!thefollowing_s01e15-04

Poor this guys seriously… This is the owner of the boat. Joe stole from him and broke his ankle. How cruel!!thefollowing_s01e15-05

Ryan and Mike got super angry in this scene. I don’t want to be this guy at that moment… he got beat up hard! And the finger in the eye?!! XDD But he deserves it. Anything to find answers.thefollowing_s01e15-06

Joe is getting crazier! I loved this scene. This is where he asked her when does she know about him killing people. And how was her reactions. James Purefoy played Joe Caroll VERY WELL! He’s a “good” psychopath XDDthefollowing_s01e15-07

Parker!!! Finally!! But… Too late :( … I really cried on this scene, mainly when she talked to Ryan on the phone and she told him to tell her family that she love them :(thefollowing_s01e15-08

This guy was a bitch, really… He deserves what Ryan did to him -.-” He was really annoying.thefollowing_s01e15-09

And Joe predicted all. That was impressive. BUT he didn’t predict that Mike was going to be alive. Here’s one flaw, BAM! thefollowing_s01e15-10

Ryan got to where he was suppose to be next and met Emma… This girl… is so annoying -.-“thefollowing_s01e15-11

They bring Ryan to the lighthouse where Joe and Claire were.thefollowing_s01e15-12

Joe needs to follow his Final Chapter. He has to kill Claire in front of Ryan to complete his “curse” of the one he loves and die in front of him…thefollowing_s01e15-13

But they got on a fight and Joe got stuck under the fire… left for dead. thefollowing_s01e15-14

Ryan and Claire finally got back safe together. In my head, i was saying: this is too much of a happy endings.. i’m sure something’s up!thefollowing_s01e15-15

And there you are: Molly!thefollowing_s01e15-16

She wanted to kill Ryan since the beginning! The Final Chapter was hers.thefollowing_s01e15-17

And she stabbed Claire too… Nooooooo!! :(thefollowing_s01e15-18

Ryan can’t be dead ’cause logically he is the hero of the show. But Claire :( noooo She can’t die :( Not now!! And even if i saw Joe “dead”, i’m really not sure he is really dead… I don’t know… I was too easy maybe? I really don’t know what to expect in Season 2. Where this can go? But maybe a leader will grow in the group, Joe’s followers and will continue Joe writings? Emma will take the lead with Jacob?

What a good show! Really thrilling, exciting and stressful! Great storyline!!

What do you guys think of the finale? What do you expect of the Season 2?

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