The Mindy Project – S02E01
All My Problems Solved Forever… – September 17, 2013

*spoiler alert*

Mindy is finally back with us since yesterday! We missed her!!!

The episode all begin with Casey and Mindy in Haiti doing their doctor thing. I find it so funny when she mentioned that Casey woke her up early in the morning just to see the sun rises haha! But well I guess this time it was for a good reason. Casey finally proposes to Mindy wooaaah :O And she said yes duh! After that, they got into an after-proposal-sex but in the meantime Mindy got sick and she was transfered back in NY at the hospital with the crew.


Finally back at the hospital, who we met there? Yes, James Franco! Well I mean Paul Leotard 😛 He looks really cocky, awkward and humm… well… weird. Weird funny though. I like his character. Mainly when he gave out advices to Danny and his ex-wife because they didn’t have sex regularly. Lol at the Semen scene hahaha! And woah the CD he gave to the couple. 55 minutes of mood sex with him talking on the CD player hahahaha!


Mindy’s face when she saw Paul and the background music was epic haha! Danny getting all jealous because she find Paul hot. Halala Danny…

Oh and I missed Morgan and his nonsense!


It’s funny to see how Danny and his (ex-)wife are happy in this pictures when in this episode they were miserable. Danny finding all the excuses in the world to not have sex with her hahahaha!


In the end, Mindy and Casey wanted to get married at her apartment in the following week. Which is too fast and not too fancy, not-mindy-ish. After a few moments in the apartment, Casey realized that situation and wanted to postpone the wedding and ask Mindy to stay in NY because it’s the right thing for her. So Casey left to Haiti alone :(

Except that Paul Leotard (James Franco) already took her place and wants to continue working there. BUT Mindy wants to go back at the hospital and take back her place. Huh oh :O !


I really like this episode! It keeps up with all the aspect I liked from the first season (humour, story, characters) <3 I’m waiting for the moment when Danny or Mindy will declare their love to each other haha!

What do you guys think about this season 2 first episode?

[Pictures from IMDB]
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