If you are a fan of Doctor Who, you’re going to be excited about this news!!

As you guys might know, Matt Smith, the 11th Doctor from the TV show Doctor Who, is not going to be the doctor anymore. Yes, you can cry…

Everywhere on the internet people were asking “Who might be the next Doctor ?”. My ideal doctor was Rupert Grint, but anyway…

We now know who is the next Doctor!! His name is Peter Capaldi and I’m pretty sure he’s going to be a great Doctor! He played in tons of British TV shows. We will see him in his new role for the first time in the Christmas Special of Doctor Who! Woohoo!!

He looks completely different from the last two doctors, but he is a bit more similar to the older ones. I just hope he’ll be as crazy as David Tennant and Matt Smith !

Are you excited to see the 12th Doctor in action? Did you have another actor in mind in replacement of Matt Smith? Let us know!!

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