Pictures of You – April 18, 2013

Here are some recap and reactions to the episode. *spoiler alert*
Review from [ Clau ] and [ Steph ]

OMG JEREMY!!!! We missed youuuu :(tvd_s01e19-01

Bonnie control yourself!!tvd_s01e19-02

We really like that family reunion!tvd_s01e19-03

Elijah <3 one of our favstvd_s01e19-04

Elena stole Caroline’s dress… What a bitch lol… But it looks really good on her though tvd_s01e19-05

Awwww when Matt and Elena were dating <3 They’re so cutetvd_s01e19-06

Elena was really mean to Bonnie and Matt, she was insulting them like they were never friends… wow…tvd_s01e19-07

This scene gave us shivers. Stefan and Elena moments <3tvd_s01e19-08

Caroline is soooo cute!! We wanna be BFF with her. She looks fierce in the dress Klaus gave her :) <3tvd_s01e19-09

It’s not Jer! It’s Silas! Run Bonnie when you can!tvd_s01e19-10

Yay Bonnie and Matt, Prom Queen and King! Congrats :) Should’ve been Caroline as Prom Queen though… dunno why they chose Bonnie o.O Doesn’t make sense…tvd_s01e19-11

Nooo poor April!! Always there at the wrong time, wrong place… :(tvd_s01e19-12

The Salvator got played by Silas
Stefan : “What did he do to get you?”
Damon : “He talked about his hair” LOLL

So Elena feels FEAR! Since when she called for help? She has some humanity left inside her :O Finally!tvd_s01e19-14

Klaus is being mean to Rebekah… She was doing really fine :( Let her be human if she wants pfff.. Boo you brother!tvd_s01e19-15

Dammit Elijah!!! Silas has the cure now!! noooooootvd_s01e19-16

?&%WFE&?H*EH&R(E*WJ*)(J!!! Tyler <3 <3 <3 <3 I can’t wait for him to be back for good!tvd_s01e19-17

Screw you Klaus -.-“tvd_s01e19-18

Ouuhhh a letter from Katherina to warn Klaus that there’s bigger problem in his life than her lol Good one!tvd_s01e19-19

Silas reveals to Bonnie!!! We want to see him! Let’s just hope that Bonnie won’t fall for his game…tvd_s01e19-20

Don’t you guys think it looks like the Emperor Palpatine ? 😛palpatine

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