The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 1

I Know What You Did Last Summer – October 3rd, 2013

*spoiler alert*

This first episode of their new season is almost as epic as the season 4 finale! Everything is just so messed up and very interesting! I won’t do the review according to the chronological scenes. I will regroup some stories together. You’ll see, keep reading! :)

Last season finale, we were left off with Elena throwing in the cure in Katherine’s mouth. Damn what a good twist! We just can’t wait to see Katherine in her human form (please don’t become like the old human Elena XD)! And in this episode, we like how she is. She is weak, scared and anxious of being a human. We have to understand that being powerless, in any ways, is a crap feeling.

First thing she thought of doing is going to the Salvatore manoir where she will find Damon. – BTW I miss Stefan :(

I love it when she wants some help from him and telling him “Can you imagine running on heels?!” haha #firstworldproblems


Although, first scene of the episode was focused on Delena. OMG how hot they are <3 I can’t imagine that they aren’t even together in real life anymore :'(

thevampirediaries-s05e01_03 thevampirediaries-s05e01_05

We also see some scenes with Rebekah and Matt getting some-some ;). But can you guys remind me who is the third girl? Did we see her before?

And I think this is her cue to leave Mystic Falls for New Orleans (The Originals).

thevampirediaries-s05e01_01 thevampirediaries-s05e01_11

Even though we didn’t see much of Matt, in the second half of the episode, we see him “demonized”? Wtf happened?? Is the girl the same one as the one we saw in the threesome? And the black eye? Are we in Supernatural now :O ?


But I have to say that the beginning of the episode was super warm, hot and happy. I thought that it will be like that the whole episode, with maybe a little twist. But no damn! See why below, keep reading!

Caroline and Elena are finally in College, woohoo!! I really like their bonding, I miss that from the first season. Everything went a bit apart in the last seasons with all the dramas. They are roomies and so cute <3

thevampirediaries-s05e01_07 thevampirediaries-s05e01_08 thevampirediaries-s05e01_09

Finally, Jeremy is back! When he died in the last season, I was really pissed off that they let one important character dies like that… But yeah, with Bonnie hungers of saving her love, she bring him back! Yay! Did you notice that he is getting beef-er every season? He definitely have grown up well since season one :) I find it interesting that he still has his hunter instinct. Let see how it will lead him in the future.


Ah Bonnie, Bonnie, Bonnie… Why do you always have to do crappy decisions and let you die -.-”

We can see her at some key moments, like some with Jeremy because he can see ghosts (how creepy it is to see all your dead ex lol). And the moment that got me “aawwnnn :(” was when she was just beside Caroline and Elena just before getting in their College room… They were suppose to be there together, all three of them. That was the plan :/

I really don’t know where the Bonnie story will go though… She might just get back to life like Jeremy did. But how? Let see!

thevampirediaries-s05e01_02 thevampirediaries-s05e01_06

Caroline and Elena being all happy together and only two of them in the room was just too easy I guess. It has to be another roomie… And there she is, Megan! She will definitely spice up our life!


In the beginning, there was some suspicion. Caroline just doesn’t trust her so she goes through Megan’s stuffs. She found a bottle of protein water and drank it. BUT IT WASN’T PROTEIN! It was vervain! WTF?! Caroline just chocked on it and made her roommate run out of her shower to see her struggling, “It just went on the wrong pipe.”…

As this is not enough suspicion, when Elena and Caroline got to the party that night, they couldn’t even get in the house! Something’s wrong here… Plus, Megan was just there inside and ask them why they won’t go in, “We are waiting for someone :) !”… Yeah sure…

thevampirediaries-s05e01_16 thevampirediaries-s05e01_17

So because they can’t get to the party, they called Megan to tell her that they will have to leave with a lame excuse. But in the meantime, Elena got a call from Megan. It was a scream for help! What is happening!?!?!?!

A minute later, you see someone being thrown out of the house. And it was Megan :O !!! BUT what IS happening?!?!?!? We can see blood and scars on her neck. Another vampire?!

In the end of the episode, when they got through Megan’s phone, they found out in her picture gallery that she has a picture with Elena’s dad. WHUT?! Can’t be a coincidence. It can’t be!

thevampirediaries-s05e01_18 thevampirediaries-s05e01_22

Like I said earlier up there, I miss the dramatic, sensible Stefan <3 We can see him when Caroline’s mom was at the fare. Stefan wasn’t Stefan though as you know, it was f*cking, freaking Silas! What a D*** seriously!… It really looks like the ripper side of Stefan back then. He came to talk to Elizabeth Forbes first. He just cut her wrist to get some blood out to drink, out of the blue. He talked to her as Silas but in the end, he just compelled her that it was just Stefan, passing by and saying hi to her.

thevampirediaries-s05e01_12 thevampirediaries-s05e01_13

Meanwhile, we can see the real Stefan in the torturing coffin… He was stuck there so long that he hallucinated talking to Damon and Elena. He first talked to Damon and he was asked if he can turn off his humanity to stop the pain. Stop thinking with emotions and rationality. But then, when he was about to do it, Elena appears in his dream/hallucination, to convince him not to do it… For her… Because she doesn’t want to have the same experience has he did before with Klaus. We don’t like that scary and creepy side of him :(

thevampirediaries-s05e01_15 thevampirediaries-s05e01_25

Since Stefan is always in the coffin, suffering, he still showed up at the Salvatore residence to talk to Damon. Oops, I mean Silas! He found Katherine first though. Damon just arrived in time to get rid of her with Jeremy and deal with Silas himself.

He explained to Damon about the Doppelgänger thing he has with Stefan. Damon, still confused, “If we have more stories about Doppelgängers, I will need to learn how to spell it now!”. Haha <3

All he wanted is to find Katherine in exchange of Stefan, yeah sure… Damon has to decide if he called Jeremy to drive her back home… And he did call!


Katherine hearing about that, she went all crazy with the car and had them crashed!!


WTF dude! Can we just stick to Jeremy being alive and not dead again please XD

When I saw his face (right picture below), I was sad… I really don’t want him to die again :( And Damon was suppose to take care of him for Elena :/ But luckily, Damon arrived on time again to save Jeremy with his vampire blood.

Katherine just ran away :/

thevampirediaries-s05e01_23 thevampirediaries-s05e01_24

Last scene of this episode was the creepiest though. Seeing Silas THAT powerful just scare the sh*t out of me (and a lot of people present at his speech). He really can control many people with his mind now. Next thing we know, he cuts Bonnie’s dad neck… Seeing Bonnie screaming like that was just heartbreaking… because just earlier in the episode, she was saying that his dad doesn’t seem like he cares that she was gone all summer, to finally realize that in his speech, family was important and cares about Bonnie :'(

Silas just want to find Katherine.

thevampirediaries-s05e01_26 thevampirediaries-s05e01_27

Yeah that’s about it… there was a lot of things going on in this episode as you can see. It was so exciting to watch it!!

Do you share the same thoughts too? Did you like the premiere? What do you think of Silas?

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