The Voice Best of Season 5

Congrats to Tessanne Chin for winning the fifth season of The Voice!!


And congrats to The Voice for winning the Favorite Competition TV Show at the People’s Choice Award yesterday (January 8, 2014)!

Last season of The Voice was a hell of a season! They added the so called “The Voice Save” and the contestants were really talented (as always). I really like it and Cee-Lo and Christina were back! I love this team of coaches. You can see that everybody gets along and got all cocky over each other shamelessly.

While waiting for the next season to come on February 24th, I want to share with you a Best Of of the last season! Oh and next season, Cee-Lo and Christina will be gone again. Usher and Shakira are back :O Boo and Yeah! Those two were fun to watch too. Especially Usher’s style of coaching haha *push-ups*.

Confessionals are effectively most of my favorite part. You get to know the coaches and the singers better! And there are many silly things, like Cee-Lo and his many pets haha 😛 Check those out!

Top 12 confessionnal

Top 10 confessionnal

Top 8 confessionnal

Top 6 confessionnal

The contestant aren’t just rehearsing and singing their heart out on the stage, they also have time to be part of an awesome video trailer-ish style! It’s so epic haha!

Sing Hard

Sing Harder

The Voice have been active on their Instagram too. They had really good shots. Here is a selection of what I find more interesting to share with you guys :)

In pictures (from @NBCTheVoice Instagram)

thevoice-bestofs05-01 thevoice-bestofs05-02 thevoice-bestofs05-03 thevoice-bestofs05-04 thevoice-bestofs05-05 thevoice-bestofs05-06 thevoice-bestofs05-07 thevoice-bestofs05-08 thevoice-bestofs05-09 thevoice-bestofs05-10 thevoice-bestofs05-11 thevoice-bestofs05-12 thevoice-bestofs05-13 thevoice-bestofs05-14 thevoice-bestofs05-15 thevoice-bestofs05-16 thevoice-bestofs05-17 thevoice-bestofs05-18 thevoice-bestofs05-19 thevoice-bestofs05-20

That’s it for now! I hope you enjoyed it! Don’t forget to mark your calendar on February 24th for the return of The Voice Season 6!

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