Before the season 4 started, i was skeptic about the new coaches, Usher and Shakira. I was asking myself, are they going to be as fun and cocky as Cee Lo and Christina fighting along side with Blake and Adam?


After watching 4 episodes of the Blind Auditions with the 4 of them, my answer is YES! They are awesome, they get in the game directly. And the “fight” between them are hilarious. Shakira is cute and funny and Usher is so flirty! Blake and Adam bromance is awesome too!

Teams are filling up! Here where they stand, after 2 weeks of Blind Auditions :


(1) The Morgan Twins
(2) Danielle Bradbery
(3) Christian Porter
(4) The Swon Brothers
(5) Holly Tucker
(6) Trevor Davis
(7) Savannah Berry


(1) Jessica Kellner
(2) VEDO
(3) Josiah Hawley
(4) Taylor Beckham
(5) Chelsea M.
(6) Michelle Chamuel
(7) Audrey Karrasch
(8) Orlando Dixon


(1) Mark Andrew
(2) Kris Thomas
(3) Tawnya Reynolds
(4) Cathia
(5) Garrett Gardner
(6) J’Sun
(7) Monique Abbadie
(8) Brandon Roush
(9) C. Perkins


(1) Judith Hill
(2) Midas Whale
(3) Sarah Simmons
(4) Karina Iglesias
(5) Duncan Kamakana
(6) Warren Stone
(7) Patrick Dodd
(8) Agina Alvarez

And my favorite so far is Savannah Berry from Team Blake. What a lovely girl!!


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  1. April 5, 2013 at 2:53 AM marvin

    Imma keep watching it for sure til the end ! I love the chemistry, the artist and globally, its pretty fun to watch !!

  2. April 4, 2013 at 3:17 AM marvin

    Its the first season i watch ever of The Voice and i love it !! I dont watch the french-quebec version for so many reason but this US version is DA best. I love the chemistry between the four coaches, especially Adam and Blake. They are so funny. Shakira is a cutie pie and Usher is up in style. Can’t wait for the battles !

    • April 4, 2013 at 2:30 PM Clau

      I’m happy that you started to watch the show! It’s been 4 seasons now that i’ve started. And i love every minutes of it. I don’t watch La Voix either, there something in that french show that doesn’t really attracted me.

      And you miss the awesomeness of Ceelo/Xtina/Blake/Adam 😛

      The funny thing is i get too attached to the artist too. The talent is incredible!

      Bref, I hope you’ll watch ’til the end :)

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