The Voice Season 6 – The Blind Auditions

The Voice season 6 just returned and the Blind Auditions are already over! I have to say that there were again a lot of good singers out there but the coaches dynamic is totally different than with Cee-Lo and Christina Aguilera. With the original coaches, the dynamic was more humoristic and they were teasing each other but you see that they have a good chemistry and they were all close to each other. With Usher and Shakira, the dynamic is more wild. Meaning the competition is high and tight, and I don’t see good chemistry between the four of them. It’s almost awkward sometimes. Except between Adam and Blake, duh!

I still enjoyed it though, it wasn’t that bad. But you still see the difference.

Anyways don’t miss the premiere of The Battles tonight! WOOHOO!

Tell us in the comments below if you already have some favorite?

Here where the teams are at:

thevoices06-blinds-01 thevoices06-blinds-04 thevoices06-blinds-03 thevoices06-blinds-02

[Pictures from NBC]

Some cool quotes from the Blind Auditions :

thevoices06-blinds-05 thevoices06-blinds-06 thevoices06-blinds-07 thevoices06-blinds-08

[Pictures from Facebook]

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